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    Easy Audio Capture-Time on drive

    Hi Brendon, I did a thorough search *.wav- Unfortuately, none of the files listed apply to Roxio tracks, etc... Is there any other format that the files could be stored, which I can search?? Thanks again, in advance,
  2. kidneystones

    Easy Audio Capture-Time on drive

    Hi Brendon, I'm running Windows XP SP3 (sorry I didn't state that earlier)- The easy audio capture windows looks very similar to mine, only exception is that mine has no red line beneath the 'save to' window- First I did the searches- nothing came up at all- so I tried going to windows explorer, then looking in My documents(desktop)- where I found some of the tracks I had recently recorded- deleted those- the time did increase from 135 to 136h It seems despite the fact I'm not saving the project, the files are being stored in the desktop 'MyDocuments' folder, even after I've deleted them from the 'Recorded Tracks' folder in Roxio- and all searches fail to come up with any files- I still have only 136h left on the drive, it should be at 152, which indicates files are still hiding somewhere- Any suggestions are greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance,
  3. kidneystones

    Easy Audio Capture-Time on drive

    Hi Brendon, sorry it took so long to get back to you, had some comp issues, and since I hadn't been recording, frankly forgot until I was able to start using the program again.. Anyway, I do believe I am deleting the WAV files, because the folder for Recorded Tracks is empty... I'd greatly appreciate any help you can offer... Thanks again, in advance
  4. kidneystones

    Easy Audio Capture-Time on drive

    Hi- I have RecordNow9 Music Lab Premier- i've run CCCleaner, didn't solve the issue- Appreciate your help, thanks in advance
  5. As I capture audio converting from vinyl>cd, the time left on drive steadily decreases, despite the fact I am not saving any projects Would anyone know why this is happening, and How to revert the time left on drive to the original 152H- Thanks in advance
  6. kidneystones

    Hangs and Hangs and Hangs

    Hi Brendon, Thanks for your reply- I've tried task manager before opening roxio.. not much going on.. but--- when it hangs, and I open it, it fluctuates between 46-68-84% back and forth.. and the only process that seems to occupy a lot is roxio.. Quite honestly, I'm not well acquainted as to how to utilize task manager beyond what I've described above-- any suggestions or help you can offer is greatly appreciated.. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.. couldn't find my orig post.. Thanks in advance..
  7. kidneystones

    Hangs and Hangs and Hangs

    Hi.. I've got RecordNow9 MusicLab Premier- they tell me this is included with EMC9- Basically, takes me FOREVER to do ANYTHING! If I try to open sound editor, program hangs greater than 3 minutes.. If I try to escape, program hangs.. Tried e mailing support, to no avail.. no answer! have read everything I can, manuals are hopeless, since they are completely DISorganized.. Would greatly appreciate help in being able to navigate and use the program-- Am running XPSP2, all other applications are closed when I'm "trying" to use it, plenty of memory, pc defraged, no other issues.. Many thanks in advance..