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  1. I think that it's time Roxio and other software companies got there act together and came up with software that works out of the box, because that is what we pay extortionate prices for! Not everybody is a computer wizard, this NXT 4 seemed to work fine in Windows 8.1 so why won't it work properly in Windows 10? I've downloaded all the updates that are issued and still it won't work properly, the sound keeps on getting all garbled and no matter what I do nothing seems to rectify this. So come on Roxio for Gods sake put it right instead of ignoring your customers!
  2. I am running Windows XP / SP3 on a Dell Dimension 9150. My problem is that EMC9 Installs part of the way then it says load disc, the disc is already in the CD drive so whats the answer? I've tried loading this so many times I'm fast loosing the will to live. This software has been nothing but trouble since I purchased it All the years I've been runnig Easy Cd Creator 5 No Problems then this, I have'nt got much hair left to pull out so can someone PLEASE HELP ?????