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    No Leopard Patch for Toast 7

    I appreciate seeing that an update for 7.1.2 will be available soon. I looked at upgrading to 8.0, and just don't need any of the new features -- 7 is fine with me. Thanks, again, for responding to your customers, and Have a Great Day! Russ
  2. menkor

    Not compatible with Leopard

    Hopefully soon -- several of my co-workers have the same problem. There seems to be a lot of posts on other sites too ...
  3. menkor

    Not compatible with Leopard

    Just upgraded to Leopard. When I tried to burn a disc, I get: "Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS Error Result Code = -13780" Will Roxio post a fix for this? Is there a workaround? I don't need any of the features added for Toast 8, but do use the compression feature in Toast 7. Any alternatives, other than buying the upgrade? Thanks, Russ