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    Toast 11.1 Crashes When I Try To Burn An Audio Cd

    iMac 27-inch, Late 2009, OS X version 10.8.1, Toast version 11.1 (1067). I saved a bunch of 44.1KHz, 16 bit AIFF files from Audacity (I recorded LPs at a much higher bit rate then exported to 44.1/16). Added 20 of these tracks to an audio CD and started a burn. Toast hung at "DAO filling the RAM Cache...100%". I pressed cancel, it asks whether I want to stop or continue burning, I clicked continue...back to hanging, i clicked pause and stop, and now the spinning cursor of death. Next I tried saving my CD as an image file and copied the image file to a CD. This seems to be working.
  2. jschaffe

    Toast 11.1 Upgrade?

    I also experienced this! I'm going to cancel and attempt a manual download instead of the in app download.
  3. jschaffe

    Export from Toast 8 to iMovie

    Woah...excellent, but now I have way, way too many choices! Let's say I have an SD show saved in the Tivo in "Best quality" and the file is just over 1GB in size. What settings do I use to export and lose no quality? Jeff
  4. jschaffe

    Export from Toast 8 to iMovie

    OK, I just tried again today and found version 2.5.1. I downloaded a Daily Show episode (very fast!) but...no audio! What did I do wrong? Jeff
  5. jschaffe

    Export from Toast 8 to iMovie

    I can't locate version 2.5. Any suggestions?