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    Toast 7 - compatible with OS X 10.5 (Leopard)?

    Thank you so much for this news!
  2. Panarech

    Roxio Spin Doctor 3 for Mac

    Will that include updates to Toast 7 and CD Spin Doctor 3?
  3. Panarech

    No Leopard Patch for Toast 7

    This is a disappointment and hope becomes untrue as there is a post in the discussion groups from Roxio stating that there would patch for v7. I, too have owned Toast 7 for under a year. I'm in the habit of buying every other version (5, 7..) from Roxio. Not sure if that will continue.
  4. Panarech

    Roxio Spin Doctor 3 for Mac

    I'm having the same problems as Michael. In addition, if I close CD Spin Doctor 3 and reopen I sometimes get this message, "You need to have Toast 7 installed". Of course I have that. I'm on an Intel Mac running Leopard. Please send updates!