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    O.K. for the Roxio team or people smart enough to figure this out... Got a new Series2 Tivo DVR. Got an intel imac. Was using Popcorn3 3.0 and TiVo Transfer for Popcorn 1.1.1 I used it for the first time a few weeks ago. Set up auto transfers for three shows. All shows transfered into a folder TiVoShows. Burned a couple of DVD's with Popcorn. All was great and easy. Then: I noticed the new shows were not automatically transfering. Then, after an upgrade to Leopard this weekend, I decided to reset the autotransfer to see if this would help, it tries to transfer all of the shows---even the previously transferred ones, and now I get a .m4v file on my desktop (I did not get before) and in the itunes TV Shows folder. I do not have a video ipod, I just want to save the shows to DVD before deleting them from my TiVo DVR What should I do? Reinstall? Wait for an update?