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  1. I have old labels made with ver. 6.0 - they had two text fields, a program name and a cd key. When I open them in 8.5, they look fine - when I edit one of the 2 SEPARATE text fields and leave the field, they BOTH autochange to the same identical text!! How infuriating - I have reinstalled ver. 6 label maker just so I can work with my old labels
  2. Well, shows I have 3 codecs that support the video format installed, and 2 compatible codecs for the audio! Says video is xvid, audio is ac3 - does that tell you anything as to why it doesn't work?
  3. tmmatheny

    Not Enough Room On Destination Disc

    Then what the heck does Fit to Disc do?? In freeware programs, it automatically adjusts the compression so the finished product will fit to disk (hence the name!) - I used DVDShrink to create a DVD that has all 3 episodes of The Triangle on it (4.5 hrs!!!) and it worked perfectly, plus the recompression engine in DVDShrink is exceptional! Why is it that a commercial product can't offer similar (or much better, since you are PAYING for it) features?? Even Adobe Encore (another expensive commercial product) will not resize any video you import - it MUST be the exact same size as your output format is! (a warning to potential purchasers of Encore!)
  4. Neither the burned DVD or the preview within My DVD has no audio. However, the AVI file plays fine in WMP10? I have done this before with other AVI files with no problem! However, the properties of the AVI file do not specify Audio format, while on another AVI file I have burned successfully, it states it is MPEG Layer-3. No audio in VideoWave either!