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    Visual Settings In Quicktime

    It is indeed done in QuickTime Pro. It happens in the preview and I did not try it for real, because, as a normal user, I assume that what I see is what I get. Let me test one and I'll post an answer here.
  2. macvos

    Visual Settings In Quicktime

    I have a problem with Toast 8.0.3. When I open an AVI in Quicktime and modify the visual settings, Toast always uses the original settings when I want to burn a DVD video, not my modifications. Popcorn 3 on the other hand does respect my settings, but only as long as I don't alter the menu button picture - as soon as I click 'play' or drag the slider, the preview resizes to its original size. What can I do about it? Thanks, Marc
  3. I've upgraded to Popcorn 3.0.2 and I burnt a video DVD from a video file which orginally was 350x570 pixels. In Quicktime Pro I adjusted the image to 764x570 and re-saved it as a standalone .mov. When I want to burn a Video DVD from this file, Popcorn takes the 350x570 instead of the 764x570. Any workarounds until you get this fixed? - - Thanks, Marc Vos
  4. macvos

    No Leopard Patch for Toast 7

    In the meantime (I can't burn with Toast or Popcorn either), I burn discs with Apple's Disk Utility. In Disk Utility, create a disk image with all you want on it; then select the disk image and click the 'burn' icon in the toolbar.