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    Production Preview

    I had done that but with the driver that I had been using, not the newest one. I had followed the instructions for deleting the old driver, and reinstalling. But since my card was older, I was concerned about trying to install a new driver that recommended updating to SP2. I'd heard from people who had a lot of problems after installing it. Thanks. I had actually tried downloading the newest driver, but couldn't find any instructions for deleting the old ones, so I just installed it. When it still didn't work, I pulled out the one I had been using which did have instructions for deinstalling and installed it. When that didn't work, I had decided to use a backup copy of my system from October, but then discovered the missing dlls.
  2. jwstanek

    Production Preview

    I've been having the same problem and finally determined that some of the dll files for my display software in the \windows\system32\ directory were missing. After I was able to resolve this problem and replace the files, the preview works fine. See my posting at http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...duction+preview
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    Production Preview

    Okay. It seems to be working now. There were some other ATI dlls that were missing. I had to display the \Windows\System32 directory on another computer and find all the atii... files that were not on mine. I've finished the project that I couldn't even get started on yesterday and it looks good.
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    Production Preview

    I may have spoke too soon, sorry. It worked the first time I started it but now it doesn't. Strange. I may have spoke too soon, sorry. It worked the first time I started it but now it doesn't. Strange
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    Production Preview

    After having many people look at my posting with no response, I was going to restore my C drive from a backup done last October. I decided to run Norton SystemWorks OneButton checkup and it found a missing ATI file (atiicdxx.dll). I found the file in another directory and copied it into the directory that SystemWorks said it was supposed to be in and now the Production Preview works and so do the other things I was trying to do! Hooray!!! Thank you to anyone who read my posting to try to help me!!