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    Not Able To Manually Activate The Mpeg2 Codec

    Hi GrandpaBruce I'm glad you mentioned this. I would have found it annoying a week or two from now to once again start getting the notice that I had to activate my MPEG2 codec. Now I'm mentally prepared for this event. It's interesting that the Roxio software is so sensitive to boundary conditions that it sometimes acts one way and then the other way. Once before Roxio had let me down. I had created many (50 or 60) data discs using their "Drag to Disc" software (a big mistake - I don't do this any more). When I got the EMC9 suite its DragtoDisc program could not read any of these old DragtoDisc disks. Luckily I found the "CD Roller" program which was able to read every one of these disks - not free but worth every penny. I think I found CD Roller via Google. I think next week I'll browse in the Roxio forum to see what it says about this issue. Have a good weekend. Ethan
  2. ethan a

    Not Able To Manually Activate The Mpeg2 Codec

    (The following is a very long tedious discussion of my struggles with this problem. I apologize to anyone who reads this and wonders why I spend so much time discussing this problem. I would suggest that only people who are struggling with this activation problem take the time to read this although I suspect that my friends grandpaBruce, Larry and Richard fdisk, who have made many useful suggestions, will also read it.) I thought Larry's suggestion was excellent. I don't use a standard (for my system) setting of 96 dpi but use a custom 144 dpi. But now I can't verify if this would have worked (manually activate the MPEG2 codec). Here's what happened. A day ago I decided to install the new Roxio Creator 2009 that I purchased a week ago from Roxio. I was reluctant to do this because the subprograms of EMC9 that work work quite well, as I mentioned in an earlier post in this thread. This new C2009 worked well and EMC9 also worked well in the functions in which I use it: copying discs, recordnow, a few others. This seemed a good solution to me: use EMC9 where it does work and where I am used to it, and use C2009 in other uses involving video. But after seeing Larry's suggestion I went to the standard 96 dpi and tried a video function in EMC9. And before getting the message that my MPGE2 codec needed activation it said that I had a bad installation. Although I had uninstalled and reinstalled EMC9 a few days ago (at Richard fdisk's suggestion) this was the first time it had told me that I had a bad installation. I then went back to my custom 144 dpi - no change. I then uninstalled and then reinstalled EMC9 and to my surprise everything worked: it never told me that I had to activate my MPEG2 codec! I could have left it like that but didn't think that was fair to myself or to others who might be struggling with this activation problem. I then completely uninstalled EMC9 and C2009, trying to make a fresh start as if I was a new user. I installed EMC9 and, again, everything worked. It never said that my MPEG2 codec needed activation. I then installed my C2009 and it works fine, as does EMC9. What can I conclude from this? When I installed C2009 it made one or more changes to my system which were not undone by the uninstall of that program. (I can prove this easily. When I first installed C2009 I had it play a dvd movie (a Woody Allen movie named "Alice.") After completely uninstalling C2009 and then reinstalling it and then testing it with "Alice" the program asked me if I wanted to continue this movie from where I had stopped it the last time I was playing it and when I said yes, that was what it did. So some information is retained on the computer across an uninstall followed by a reinstall.) I don't know what these changes were but apparently they were sufficient that EMC9 no longer asked me to activate my MPEG2 codec. (As was pointed out in other threads on this topic in the Roxio forum the new versions of Roxio, including C2009, never ask for this activation.) So I have both programs (EMC9 and C2009) installed. Both work fine. I am never asked to activate my MPEG2 codec. But I can not verify Larry's suggestion to use the standard 96 dpi in order to see the 25 digit code required for manual activation of my MPEG2 codec. My thanks to everyone who made suggestions concerning this problem.
  3. ethan a

    Not Able To Manually Activate The Mpeg2 Codec

    OK, thanks much for your help, GrandpaBruce. If you do learn anything about this problem from Roxio support I will certainly try it out. Right now I think I have reached a dead end. I did contact Roxio about this and they said that I had a legacy product that they could not support. Actually I bought the Easy Media Creator 9 less than two years ago and I did not need a lot of support - only the 25 digit identification number needed to activate the MPEG2 codec. And, of course, I did have the 17 character alphanumeric serial key (which is all they ever sent me in the first place). I hope that most of the other users of this software were more fortunate than I was. Thanks again. ethan a earonoff@ca.rr.com
  4. ethan a

    Not Able To Manually Activate The Mpeg2 Codec

    Thanks GrandpaBruce and Richard Fdisk. I tried Richard Fdisk's suggestion to completely uninstall EMC9 and then reinstall it. I then tried the manual activation of the MPEG2 codec. Still no joy. Richard Fdisk showed the window he received as part of the activation process and I thought that I would show the one I received. Here it is: Oops! I have the window as a jpg file on my hard drive but don't see how to insert it into this message. Standard copy and paste doesn't seem to be available. If anyone can tell me the procedure I'll show the image. In any event the colors are somewhat different from those that Richard Fdisk shows, and, of course, the 25 digit code is not present. Thanks to everyone for their comments.
  5. ethan a

    Not Able To Manually Activate The Mpeg2 Codec

    Hi Grandpabruce I greatly appreciate your following up on this problem. If you learn anything else that I could try I will do so. Meanwhile I went and bought Roxio Creator 2009 although I have not yet tried to install it. I worry that it might louse up the Easy Media Creator 9 because the subprograms of EMC9 that do work work quite well. Tnx again. Ethan This ia a reply to the post from Ogdens shown here: Is this the procedure that you followed for manual activation http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/conte...S=set-locale=en Yes, that is the procedure I have been following (the manual activation procedure).
  6. ethan a

    Not Able To Manually Activate The Mpeg2 Codec

    This is a reply to 'grandpabruce'. (I like your choice of a name; I should have called myself 'grandpaethan'.) Thanks for your reply but as I said in my original message there is no product identification number shown in the offline activation window. It is supposed to be in orange and the statement "Invalid product key" shows up in orange but no number appears. As I browsed around in this forum I saw that other people had exactly the same problem, without any resolution shown. But thanks for trying to help.
  7. ethan a

    Not Able To Manually Activate The Mpeg2 Codec

    Hi Richard Thanks very much for this reply. Still no joy. My Easy media Creator 9 came via a download followed a week or so later by two CD's via snail mail. No sign of a 25 digit ID number anywhere. The product ID number that I do have consists of 17 alphanumeric characters starting with DK- and ending with -HHXHC. I had previously owned a Easy Media Creator 6 and that came in a box. (I still have the box.) It also had a 17 alphanumeric character product ID starting with FB- and ending with -P9NY7. Again, no sign of a 25 digit number anywhere in that set. It's rather disappointing that Roxio (Sonic Solutions) gives me no support in simply trying to find my (legal) product ID number for Easy Media Creator 9. Thanks for your help. Ethan earonoff@ca.rr.com
  8. Step 5 of the eight step Manual Activation Instructions say to 5) In the Offline Product Activation window, copy the product 25 Digit product key listed in orange. Do not close this window. In my case no 25 digit number is shown. I let Roxio control the colors and the message "Invalid product key" shows up as orange on a yellow background. I also took the advice posted in this forum to turn off antivirus protection before beginning this procedure. If anyone has any ideas as to what I could try to accomplish this activation of the MPEG2 codec I'd appreciate it.
  9. ethan a

    Blocked DirectCD Driver

    November 2, 2007 I had the same problem as pete92550: error message "Driver DirectCD is blocked due to compatibility issues" at system turnon. Fortunately, under installed programs I found, under Adaptec, the UDF reader causing the problem. I uninstalled this UDF reader, rebooted, and the problem was gone. My fundamental problem is still present: I can read some of the old "Drag to Disc" CD-RWs that I created in Roxio Easy Media Creator 6 and my old Windows 98 computer, but not all of them. In retrospect I see that I should have used CD-Rs and not bothered with the Drag to Disc feature. The bad CD-RWs show only two files, an autorun.inf file and a UDFReader.exe file. I don't know how to get at the important files on these discs. The suggestion to use the old computer to read these discs and convert them to CD-Rs is a good one but I can't use it: the old computer has crashed and burned and is ancient history. I wrote to Roxio - maybe they will supply an answer. If anyone has thoughte re this I will be very grateful. ethan a earonoff@ca.rr.com