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    System Requirements Question

    Great news then, as long as I burn presentations for clients while on the road/ Thank you for all the replies!
  2. MacTechPaul

    System Requirements Question

    The new system requirements for Toast 10 Titanium have me troubled. Why is an internet connection required? What is being crippled without it? When I am on the road with my MacBook Pro, I don't always have access to the internet. I am very interested in Toast 10 Titanium but this requirement may be a stickler for me. Thanks and awaiting your reply
  3. MacTechPaul

    Toast 7 is toast with OSX 10.5

    Have you attempted to burn a DVD from MPG, AVI or VOB files using the DVD-Video option? Some of our video production (sweat shops ) clients have and all produce the "Result Code: -13780" when the DVD is at the end attempting to do a "Lead Out".
  4. MacTechPaul

    Toast 7 is toast with OSX 10.5

    Both Mac platforms tested and failed (PPC & MacIntels) running 10.5 with only standard Quicktime plugin's plus the ones installed from Toast. All versions of Toast 7.0 - 7.1.2 produce the same error message BEFORE attempting to burn any video, audio or disk images on MacIntels. On PowerPC Mac's I get the same error message too but sometimes the program just crashes without any error message or error in console's log. And yes I have seen the first post about an update coming for 10.5 users. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=30016 Unfortunately for the 200+ clients that decided to take the leap to 10.5 , it's been a technical (software updates) nightmare trying to keep their productivity alive. Toast 8 was no solution either since it produced the "Result Code: -13780" error at the end of every burn for them. So for the sake of all Apple technicians on the planet, please hurry with the patches to Toast 7 & 8!