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    Music Dvd Treats Audio Only Chapters Like Titles

    I still have Toast 6 installed as well (which may have caused the conflict with the Pause field) and will have to go there to finish the project. I was so hoping to take advantage of the new graphics in 7. Now I wish we'd have saved the old Forums. There was a link to create/modify the Toast graphics. Anyone still have that? As for live Music DVDs - it works fine (but may be out of spec based on your comments) in Toast 6 with "Track Pause = none", however, you must use an uncompressed file format aiff/wav when you add the music to Toast. iTunes adds something (about .2 of a second of silence at the beginning of each imported track) to all of it's compressed formats. That's enough for the human ear/brain to detect.
  2. decahill

    Music Dvd Treats Audio Only Chapters Like Titles

    Thanks for the answer (not exactly what I wanted to hear, but understand.) Now that I've found that I have an empty Track Pause field in 7.0.2 (& being a bit of newbie on the MAC) is there something I need to do get that field populated again?
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    Music Dvd Treats Audio Only Chapters Like Titles

    Thanks for the quick reply, freshburn. Roxio Converted items are being deleted. And, yes, Toast 7.0.2 (one of the reasons I moved to Apple Lossless vs AIFF because of the music encoding issues.) It does not go back to the menu (I don't want it to either so that's goodness.) It goes directly to the next chapter automatically. The effect on the DVD Player on the Mac is that it goes to a "Pause" state and then "Play" continues with the next chapter. No manual intervention is required. Again that's goodness as well, just need to play through the chapters without stopping. For Music: Chapter 1 -- pause -- Chapter 2 -- pause -- Chapter 3, etc. For Video: Chapter 1 -- Chapter 2 -- Chapter 3 (as I would expect to see every time.) To reconstruct: Drag a playlist from iTunes into the DVD Music window (shorter tunes would be best to recreate quickly.) It will create a Playlist DVD "Title". After you burn the image, mount it. Watch the "Play/Pause" button on the DVD Player as it moves between the songs (Chapters). You should see it go to Pause then Play. This doesn't happen with movies just music DVDs. Actually my Track Pause option allows "None". Which, in Toast 6, was honored as zero seconds. Now that I look at that option in my playlist I have no options to choose from. It shows "none" by default but when I select the pull down the options are empty (looks like it has 4 items to choose from, but they're all blank.) That could be part of the issue.
  4. Config: PowerMac G5; Lacie OEM of the Pioneer 107D DVD-RW; Toast 7.0.2; Jam 6.0.2 I created a video/music DVD in Toast 6. All worked great. Moving to Toast 7 (now 7.0.2), there seems to have been a change in the way Toast handles the Music only portion of a DVD. Here is the scenario: Title 1 - Chapters 1 thru 3: Video Title 2 - Chapters 1 thru 17: Music DVD Title 3 - Chapters 1 thru 18: Music DVD Title 4 - Chapters 1 thru 2: Video When playing the burned DVD image on the Mac DVD Player, my home DVD Player, or PS2 I get the following: Title 1 - Chapters 1 thru 3 play through without a break. Break to change Titles Title 2 - Chapter 1 Break like it was changing Titles again! <depending on the device this is anywhere from 1 to 4 seconds> Title 2 - Chapter 2 Break like it was changing Titles again! Title 2 - Chapter 3 etc..... All videos play without a hitch. All music Titles have the serious break between Chapters. This is all live music so the gap (and corresponding silence) is quite disruptive. Toast Music DVD Settings: Menu Style - Corporate; Play DVD on insert; Play all items continuously; Dolby Digital - 192 kbs; all other settings are unchecked. Videos were created using iMovie; Music is Apple Lossless (although I have also tried aiff thinking there may be some header info in the lossless files.) Any ideas of what I might have done wrong?