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    Popcorn3 with Turbo H.264

    Well, I've made some 'progress' of a sort. I noticed that when I convert without using the Turbo H.264 the encoded files are DIVX, not H.264. Also, while messing around with settings and getting Popcorn to hang, the dump shows the DIVX library loaded. Any thoughts on this? I tried to force Popcorn to use the 'H.264 preset' rather than 'Apple TV', but STILL get DIVX encoding. This does not make sense. Comments/suggestions appreciated as always.
  2. Suchanek

    Popcorn3 with Turbo H.264

    Yes, I can actually do the transfers/conversion with High-def and standard def. However, whenever I use the Turbo H.264 I don't get any viewable video. Also, audio sync is in general very poor (which I understand to be a common 'issue'). Eric
  3. Suchanek

    Popcorn3 with Turbo H.264

    Greetings everyone, I just upgraded to Popcorn 3.02, am running Leopard 10.5.1, and ElGato's Turbo H.264 v1.1. The problem is this: whenever I convert to AppleTV using the H.264 accelerator all I get is BLACK video. Audio appears to be fine. Note that I am pulling from Tivo Series 3 DVR, and the input is in high-def. Anybody else experiencing this issue? If I turn off the 'use H.264 accelerator if present' preference option the conversion appears to go normally. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks! Eric