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    Print Digital Booklet?

    Hi friends, sorry if this has been covered, I couldn't find it if it has. You know that ITunes and Amazon and others now often include "digital booklets" with mp3 / aac album purchases. The booklet is a pdf file that doesn't seem to have the size formatting that would make it usable to insert in a cd jewel case. Anybody have any experience printing such a booklet using NXT?
  2. lutherk

    Music File Formats

    Thank you again, sknis. VBR and VO are referred to in the link I posted from bandcamp on my OP above; basically just different versions of variable bit. Since it's becoming more common now to purchase music with greater fidelity this way, I'm wondering if the new version of Creator handles these higher bit files. I see your example about outputting to a higher bit file, so the software designers seem to be aware of this.
  3. lutherk

    Music File Formats

    Thank you, sknis. And do you know, with MP3, is VBR VO supported for different bit rates? Can I input an MP3 320?
  4. lutherk

    Music File Formats

    What music file formats can nxt use in making music mixes for disc or Ipod? New music sources like bandcamp offer a variety of formats beyond wav and 128-bit mp3 , such as MP3 (320, VBR V0), Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, FLAC and AAC Thank you.
  5. lutherk

    File Recognition On Upgrade To New Computer

    Interesting, Digital Guru. So during the process of assembling files, such as audio files for a music mix, you actually duplicate the original files to a new directory you call a project folder. The full pathname for these files will be different in a new version of Windows, since the base directory names change, but you think Roxio will still look in the project folderfor the audio files when recreating the mix. If so, that would make it worthwhile to use the disc space for multiple copies of the same audio file in different project folders. Disc image is what Creator 10 calls an image file of a music mix made for burning to disc. h
  6. lutherk

    File Recognition On Upgrade To New Computer

    Thank you, sknis and tbrewt. I think you are both right. I'm on 10 now. You're right about the pathnames, and these change with every new Windows operating system that uses a different folder organization system. I haven't seen Windows 8 yet, so I don't know how it's folder system compares to 7 or Vista, but I bet it's different. I was thinking that part of an upgrade would be to account for those changes and automate them, otherwise the Roxio projects are useless. If not, there's certainly less incentive for Roxio customers to stick with a Roxio product on a new computer. The one thing 10 lets me do that some earlier versions didn't is to copy a save a disk image of completed mixes. At least then I don't lose the actual mix. But of course that image can't later be edited as a project file could be.
  7. Hi I'm thinking of upgrading to the latest version on a new computer and tranferring files from my existing computer. My main use is making careful audio mixes. The last time I did this, Creator didn't recognize my existing mixes on the new computer. I think the files addressed in the mix ended up with slightly different pathnames on the new computer. I lost years of work. I'd rather never upgrade than go thru that again. Has Roxio figured out a way to re-establish file addressing on a new computer as part of the upgrading process? Or has anybody else figured out how to manage this? Thanks, friends!
  8. lutherk

    Is It A Bug?

    I think my post is appropriate in this section. It's about an issue that several users have written in about in several areas, so I suspect it is not an issue of individual support. And yes, we all hope Roxio staff are monitoring these conversations and following up on our valuable feedback. I've seen posts from Roxio staff which support this. If you have something to contribute to the subject of volume leveling, I'd be delighted to hear it. Thank you.
  9. lutherk

    no artists names

    Thanks I did, Walt, but one does hope Roxio staff monitor these discussions and are responsive to our valuable customer feedback.
  10. lutherk

    Is It A Bug?

    I love the music mixing functionality of 10. Thank you Roxio for addressing the issue of "forced fading" in and out of music in mixes with crossfades by allowing users to check a box in Music Disc Creator under Tools/Options. However, unchecking the box doesn't work. I can't get a clean snap seque no matter what I do. Since this is a feature I know you worked on, can you fix it to work?
  11. I'd like to take my music mix with my on a portable music player or post it on my Roxio online storage space to access remotely. I want to retain my crossfades and effects. What's the best way to do this? Should I make one very large mp3 out of the whole thing (and won't that lose the ability to move between tracks?) Or if I export project tracks will that keep the transitions and effects? Seems like there are several ways to do this and I'm wondering if others can share any experiences?
  12. lutherk

    Suggested Improvement

    Roxio 10 works nicely for music mixes, thank you. I've been missing Roxio as my music mixing software since crossfading was curtailed after version 6. 10 works just as well. I'm sorry it doesn't recognize any of the hundreds of mixes I made in 6, oh well. A suggested improvement: several posts ask for the functionality to add artist names to the song lists on CD Labeler. Makes sense because Roxio is advertising the music mix utility. Doesn't seem like a difficult thing to add another field to the database. And this has been missing for many years.
  13. lutherk

    no artists names

    I think the answer is that Roxio still doesn't have this function after all of these years. They are advertising "make mix cd's" but the cd labeler only handles lists of songs by a single artist. You have to edit the track names to include both the track and the artist, which is not compatible with anything else. Come on, Roxio, this cannot be a hard improvement to make, can it?