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  1. Hi, After upgrading to Mavericks on my Power Mac Pro, Toast 11.1 cannot read discs I want to copy my purchased music CD as backup. Once I insert the disc, it tries to identify the disc (which has worked fine until 10.9) and it gives me Gracenote error: CDDB error ox947A431c. Above it is an active box with Gracenote trying to start initializing. If I click OK, on the error, Roxio quits. The workaround: I start up iTunes. Let it identify the disc, then I boot up Roxio Toast. Is there a solution to this? I have attached a screen shot. Also, the response to clicking on the copy button is about 6 secs. and when trying to eject the CD, no response for at least 5-7 secs. Gracenote error.tiff