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    Roxio EMC10 Central error on closing

    I also had the "memory cannot be "read"" error on closing EMC10 and I also solved the problem by uninstalling Napster. Who woulda thunk! How did you every figure that one out. Thanks! My question is, Why Isn't This In The Knowledge Base?? I went through all the steps:: 1) Ask RoxAnn... what a joke that is 2) Search the knowledge base... the knowledge base tells you it is caused by not having the latest Windows2000 service pack and sends you to the MS site. Not exactly an up to date answer.
  2. direland

    output format and resolution

    Yes, Thank you that is very helpful. Is there any way to see or save the Buzz wmv that is going to be uploaded to YouTube before it goes? How can I tell what the final size will be so it isn't bigger than the 100MB YouTube limit? Does Buzz warn you if the compressed wmv will be too big? Dale
  3. direland

    conversion for youtube

    I want to convert my videos to a size and format that will display the best quality when I upload them to YouTube. I have read that YouTube converts all video to 320X240 but if that is true why is the YouTube dislapy window 425x355?? Can I use Crunch to convert a video to a custom mp4 size like 425x355? Is there a preset or template in Crunch to convert a video to the best possible resolution and format for YouTube upload? Does Crunch have conversion options that are not available in VideoWave? Thanks Dale
  4. direland

    output format and resolution

    When Buzz converts a video, say an avi, to upload to YouTube what is the resolution and format of the uloaded video? Is it avi, wmv, mp4 etc? YouTube accepts a number of formats and I have read that YouTube converts them to 320x240. The directions say that uploading in mp4 or wmv is best. I don't understand why the YouTube display window is 425X355 when there doesn't seem to be a software that will save at that resolution. Does Buzz save at that resolution? Can I control how Buzz converts a file? I want my YouTube videos to display in the best quality. Can Buzz do this better than if I use VideoWave 8 to convert and save a file as 320X240 wmv and uploading it to youtube. I mean does Buzz optimize the avi file for best display on YouTube or is Buzz just all about making the upload process itself automated? Thanks Dale