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  1. I am running Roxio Creator 2012 Pro Videowave on my new PC running Windows 8.1. I am at the point where I want to add music to my production, however, as soon as I click on add background audio, Videowave crashes. Any suggestions?
  2. dougbrooks

    Play Video Clip Backwards

    Thanks for your advice.
  3. dougbrooks

    Play Video Clip Backwards

    Does Video Wave in Easy Creator 2012 pro offer a feature that allows you to play a video clip backwards?
  4. I tried this solution of downloading the Blackberry "Desktop Software v4.2 SP2 without Media Manager (English).exe" version of Desktop, and yes it integrates with EMC 9, however, EMC 9 Media manager still does not recognise my Blackberry phone when it is connected. Has anyone else run into the same problem?
  5. dougbrooks

    Jagged Video

    I was in Plan X which was Interlace Scan, Hardware rendering. I then switched to Plan Y which was/is Progressive Scan, Hardware Rendering. Like the man said " As the mother said to the child when it got it's first lollipop "Suck it and see" ". Although not perfect it did produce better results. Doug
  6. dougbrooks

    Jagged Video

    What can I do about the jagged output video that appears when I pan the camera? Doug
  7. dougbrooks

    Capturing Audio from Video Files

    Thanks & much appreciated. Doug
  8. dougbrooks

    Capturing Audio from Video Files

    In previous versions of EMC, I was able to import the audio portion only of a video file into Sound Editor which allowed me to edit the audio and then save it as a .WAV file. I am having trouble doing that with EMC 9. Any suggestions? Thanks, Doug
  9. dougbrooks

    Editing HD Video

    I recently filmed a wedding in HD. The HD files were saved as "m2t" files that were converted to "mpg" files which I am trying to edit using EMC 8. The problem is that it is taking unbelievably long to load (10 minutes) or even to execute any editing function; ie: up to 10 minutes to split a clip etc. My PC has a Pentium D dual core prosessor operating at 2.8 GHz and I have 2 GB of RAM. Is this a problem with HD &/or my PC? Will EMC 9speed up the editing process? Doug
  10. Whenever I try adding text to some of the scenes in my production the preview screen goes black & freezes. I am operating 2.8 GHz Pentium D PC with 250 GB HD, & 2 GB of DDR 2 RAM. The video is an internal Intel Graphics Accelerator 950. Should I be looking at upgrading to a separate video card? Thanks for any help you can provide, Doug
  11. dougbrooks

    Videowave 8 Stability

    I am having problems with stability in Videowave 8 that I never experienced with Videowave 7 or 7.5 using this same PC. I have had a number of freezes & crashes, particulariy when trying to edit titles. I have the latest updates of Intel Graphics Accelerator installed. The render setting is set to 'hardware' and the 'Graphics Test' seems to work OK. Any suggestuions?
  12. dougbrooks

    Drag & Drop

    Thanks! That was easy.
  13. dougbrooks

    Drag & Drop

    I'm sorry for not being clearer. What I meant is that the drag & drop feature of EMC 7 & 7.5 Videowave whereby I can drag & drop video, transitions & sound clips etc. onto the timeline or storyline is not present in my version of EMC 8 & I was wondedring why.
  14. dougbrooks

    Drag & Drop

    What happened to the drag & drop features found in EMC 7 & 7.5?
  15. dougbrooks

    'titles' Causes Pc To Crash

    Every time I try adding and editing a title to a video clip, my PC either crashes or goes into Safe mode with a statement that the video driver is no longer working. My computer is less than 6 months old and has 1 GB RAM and an internal Intel Graphics Accelerator.