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  1. Re-install does not solve anything. Really bad issue.
  2. Thanks. Sure. If I click on the arrow I can "see" the transaction, effects, or else, but to decide what to use I have to open them all! Not only. When you click on a second effect the first one turn in a question mark again. Very frustrating.
  3. Thanks again. First of all I know this is not Roxio Support. I told them about this issue for weeks and they was not able to solve. Yes. No antivirus, re-boot and re installed. Nothing. If only I could know where that images are stored... in my opinion is an issue with translated languages.
  4. Thanks for your answer but that did not solved anything.
  5. Starting from Creator NXT4 (in NXT3 and older I had not this issue), I can see blue question marks instead of effects previews in VideoWave. Re installed, repaired, installed with a new account, clean install... nothing to do. Same issue and no Roxio tech could tell me why! Any idea?
  6. I have the same issue starting from NXT4, and with NXT5 too. No way to solve this issue. I am using the italian language of the software. None can tell me why I see thimbnails instead of transactions, effects, and so on...
  7. stefanogalla

    Effects Preview Displays As Blue Question Marks

    Same issue, italian version, and no way to solve it. Roxio tech did not gave me an answer.
  8. stefanogalla

    Sound Editor Exports Jumping...

    I have exatly the same problem. No way to have the final project exatly as the preview. There are always clicks, or clips not in the same place, and so on... I think the problem is in the software and the behavior with the sound card.
  9. stefanogalla

    Smartsound In Nxt 2 Pro Now Is Scorefitter?

    Sure I have PRO! The problem is this: in Creato NXT when I use Videowave I can find SmartSound in the "add music" window. In NXT 2 in the same window I find only ScoreFitter and no more SmartSound. If I want to use SmarSound I have to open SonicFire program and work from there.
  10. I've upgraded to Creator NXT 2 Pro and when I use VideoWave to insert music I can no longer find SmartSound but ScoreFitter. Is this right? Or is an "installation" problem? ScoreFitter does not create nusic based on the Video lenght... terrible. SmartDound was great...
  11. stefanogalla

    No 3D And Open File Option In Windvd

    Corel told me 3D is not supported on WinDVD for Creator. In my opinion this is stupid: you can create 3D movies but you cannot watch them. :-( In Roxio 2012 you could, why not in NXT?
  12. stefanogalla

    No 3D And Open File Option In Windvd

    LOL! No 3D on WinDVD. It simply shows the file you saved. In the last picture the software should tell you how would you watch the "left-right" movie, with anaglyth version or 3D system. If you read the "help" in WinDVD software you will find 3D button and "open file" button... but there are not.
  13. stefanogalla

    No 3D And Open File Option In Windvd

    I did... but pretend WinDVD work correctly as they say on site.
  14. stefanogalla

    No 3D And Open File Option In Windvd

    The problem is that in the past version of Roxio, Cineplayer had 3D and open file option, why not in this one? In my opinion this is a DOWNGRADE, not an upgrade! Otherwise if you read the HELP inside the software, 3D and open files options are described! :-)