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    Sonic Digital Media Plus on new HP products

    Well, I feel a little on the foolish side. The site tech neglected to tell me that they had installed or their WSUS server had installed WMP 11. Nice. To my defense, I could never get a solid answer on much of anything from him. It just goes to show you that as a tech you should never assume anything. In this case, I had to assume all was just exactly the same as the image we sent them with WMP 10 due to the lack of a pulse on his behalf. Sorry. Thanks All.
  2. drummindog

    Sonic Digital Media Plus on new HP products

    Yes, that is one of the things I looked at yesterday.
  3. drummindog

    Sonic Digital Media Plus on new HP products

    Apparently, I thought from something I read on the Microsoft site that it would be able to burn DVD's via the Microsoft burner on XP. This is not the case from my testing. This was not really a part of the topic, but was just added in by me as information in nature. Nothing to do with Roxio or commercially pressed DVDs.
  4. drummindog

    DigitalMedia Plus Error - Please Help

    What have you done to troubleshoot the issue? Anything? Just curious. Try reinstalling it. Also, you should be able to look up the software on the site and see which O/S is needed. Check for updates for the product as well. I don't know your product specifics, but chances are there is a patch or something available to fix the issues.
  5. drummindog

    Sonic Digital Media Plus on new HP products

    Yeah, Windows XP will not recognize a DVD in the burner with IMAPI 2.0 like I seemed to have read/thought/inferred from the Microsoft site. Maybe it is more of a Vista thing.
  6. drummindog

    DVD drive not recognized by Roxio after reboot

    Let me preface this by saying that I am not a Roxio expert, but would like to help in some way. That being said: You could try uninstalling the CDRW drive via Device Manager and then rebooting and letting the O/S find it. Then check inside Roxio to see if the option may be there. Maybe an uninstall and reinstall of the FULL product may help. Do you have the latest PXEngine? There are updates available on the site. Are there any firmware upgrades available for your CDRW drive? It may be worth checking also.
  7. drummindog

    Sonic Digital Media Plus on new HP products

    Yes, I remember seeing some of the posts you had for this. I understand the difference, but getting the products to work properly is a different animal altogether. It isn't that the data is gone, they just have issues with CD-RW disks in general. Would bet my bottom dollar that all works fine for CDs. I told them that CD-RWs are a rediculous method for saving files and sharing them. Also, not a good idea for any CDs or DVDs of any flavor to be used if someone's personal data is what they are manipulating. They need an encrypted laptop with VPN access to a secure network share if they want to work on something at home. But regardless, this is one of those cases where, "It worked before you upgraded to a new PC and we expect it to work exactly the same." Problem is that there could be a variety of scenarios with O/S versions, Service Packs, CD Burning Software used previously, and so on that you will never get it to work EXACTLY as it did before. Some people can't handle change no matter how small or minute it is.
  8. drummindog

    Sonic Digital Media Plus on new HP products

    Supposedly, IMAPI 2.0 will let you burn DVDs via the Windows Burner. Not sure about that one, but thought that is what it said in the article on it. Need to test that, but the Windows CD Burner worked flawlessly with a regular CD-R. This is with both the PX Engine update and the IMAPI 2.0 install. There might be hope yet!! Hopefully this will correct whatever his problems with CDRWs seems to be.
  9. drummindog

    Sonic Digital Media Plus on new HP products

    He has indicated in a previous email to me that it makes no difference whether Sonic is uninstalled. I have emailed the suggestions including yours (saw that idea in another post or forum somewhere) and we will see. Apparently the tech is stretched thin between sites. I am going to test the PXEngine update on my test laptop. Have you guys and gals seen the IMAPI 2.0 version for XP? I am going to test with that too. Apparently, OEMs and ISVs have encountered massive support calls and this updated IMAPI 2.0 version that was first developed for Vista is now available for XP. Check Microsoft.com for details...sorry for no link.
  10. drummindog

    Sonic Digital Media Plus on new HP products

    Will do. I never thought I was in a chat room or such, but have been racking my brain on this problem from 250 miles away from where the problem exists. I figured the cue the crickets comment might make someone laugh...oh well. These types of problems can drive you crazy. The other thing about my job that can drive you crazy is the site techs that complain about a problem but then you cannot get them engaged in fixing it...they're too busy doing something else to even communicate with you.
  11. drummindog

    Sonic Digital Media Plus on new HP products

    Anyone? What? Too much detail in the original post? Ok, cue the crickets....
  12. I am trying to remotely support a fellow who has emailed me some information---included below. This problem doesn't seem to make much sense, but maybe you could shed some light on a fix if you have seen this. I asked him to test something by just reinstalling the product over itself to see if maybe it would correct something that is missing. Waiting to hear back on whether it does anything to correct it. We are running Windows XP SP2. From his email to me: All of the new computers seem to have this issue - I have tried on all of the models except the premium laptops. The behavior of the CD-ROM drives is funny - For instance, if you have an audio cd in the drive, eject it, then put a CD-RW in the drive 20 minutes later, Windows still seems to think that there is an audio cd in the drive and tries to open the CD-RW with Windows Media Player. When you try to write files to a CD-RW drive, it tells you there is no disk in the drive I have tried to use the DLA, formatting the disk, etc. This works, but not as well, but It still does not recognize the disk as a DLA formatted disk until you restart the computer. It does not seem to recognize a CD-RW disk at all unless it is DLA formatted and the computer is restarted. We have several HP dc5700's that were hand loaded with Windows, they are able to use the Windows writing function with no issues, regardless of whether DLA is installed or not. I have also tried uninstalling Roxio altogether and this does not help the issue with Windows detecting a new CD format being placed in the drive. Some stats on the program: Module Name: Sonic DigitalMedia Plus v7 Build: 2.4.33a Module Name: PX Engine Build: 2.7.27a, 67 Module Name: Sonic Audio Module Version: 2.0.4 Build: 204B28J, HPO Module Name: Sonic Copy Module Version: 2.0.4 Build: 204B28L, HPO Module Name: Sonic Data Module Version: 2.0.4 Build: 204B30G, HPO Any Help is much appreciated!!