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  1. After an hour or so of trying to figure out why Tivo Transfer no longer saw my Tivo (it worked a month ago), I finally stumbled upon the reason. My default JVM/JRE was set to JSE 6.0 (64-bit only). Once I changed the default JRE to 5.0, my Tivo was recognized. Mac2Tivo had no issues with either JRE. Just a thought if you're having issued with Tivo Transfer seeing your DVR. -sk
  2. westones

    audio/video sync

    Below is the response from Roxio support. I too tried the reinstall approach to no avail. "Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support We have also received feedback through beta testing that a limited number of TiVo users are still experiencing audio and video synchronization issues. We are continuing to work on a resolution for this problem and will provide more information as it becomes available." Limited number of Tivo users? Has anyone really managed to get it to work? -sk
  3. westones

    audio/video sync

    Logged a ticket. What shocked me is that they responded with a response to the DVD burning problems. Amazing. You would think that support engineers would know the difference between DVD burning and the audio/video streams being out of sync. Surprisingly, the windows version has been completely unaffected by the fall tivo release. No problems burning to DVD. When converting to other formats, no a/v sync issues. It would be nice if Roxio would step up and communicate what the heck is going on. I'm okay if there are issues, but not acknowledging issue is unprofessional to say the least. -sk
  4. From my limited testing, TivoToGo on Windows XP is working just fine. Last night I was able to burn a CSI episode to DVD using the XP version. I did the initial transfer from the Tivo to the Mac, and once I realized that there was a problem burning to disk, I decided to give the Windows version a try (copied the file from my MBP to XP laptop). Worked like a charm. It would be nice if Roxio would step-up to the plate and answer a few questions: - What is the ETA for the Mac fix. I do not believe this is an unreasonable request. - I'd like to know why the Mac version broke where as the Windows version was unaffected. Perhaps its Leopard, but again, disclose it somewhere. - Why hasn't the web site been updated to reflect the fact that Leopard is not supported? Come on Roxio - get your marketing guys off their duff and be proactive! You can aggravate customers by doing nothing, or you can be proactive, state there is a problem and provide an ETA. The current approach is highly unprofessional. -sk