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  1. freshburn

    How Do I Make A Blu-ray Dvd-r From Eyetv ?

    The Sharp player doesn't support BD on DVD.
  2. freshburn

    Blue Ray On Dvd Played On Ps3

    15Mbps is about the limit for the PS3. My high bit rate streams have worked, but it really should be lower. You may want to try a different type of media as that may help too. I would first change the media, try a DVD+RW and if you still get the skips, try a lower bit rate. AVCHD should not need a bit rate of 26Mbps too look good. MPEG-2 would benefit, but the AVCHD codec should look OK at lover bit rates.
  3. freshburn

    2 GB File Size Limit

    Not ISO 9660 format, Mac & PC format. Mac & PC format is HFS+ for the Mac and ISO for the PC. The PC part of the Hybrid will support 2GB files by using Level 3 is extented information. However, this will only work on XP, and probably Vista. Anything early does not support it.
  4. freshburn

    Burning >2 Gb Files In Hybrid Disk?

    Toast 8 supported over 2GB of files, but only on Windows XP. Again, this is an ISO limitation. Windows does not support over 4GB files either, so you can't go over that limit.
  5. freshburn

    2 GB File Size Limit

    Toast 8 and 9 will support over 2GB files for ISO, ISO still has limits at 4GB I believe.
  6. freshburn

    Hd Plug In Wont Install On Imac

    what's the error? Also, repair permissions.
  7. freshburn

    I Still Have The Same 8.0.3 Problem When Using 9

    Seems like a Font problem. You may want to check your fonts and make sure they are OK.
  8. freshburn


    I think they should work if they are standard mpeg files, but I have not tried it myself. You may need to change the file extension to something else.
  9. freshburn

    Hd Video On Standard Dvd Media: Anyone Get It To Work?

    I've successfully burned a disc with BD on DVD with AVCHD and MPEG-2, so that makes two of us. :-) It doesn't play on the PS3, only the Sony BDP-S300 with the latest firmware. As for what the marketing for Toast 9 says, I don't know anything about that. I can just tell you what I know from experience about how this is working.
  10. freshburn

    Error: Result Code -18771

    Are you using any markers set in Toast (I assume not, but just in case)? It could cause a problem. Usually, that error is a problem with the audio or video on the file and the multiplexer doesn't like it. Most likely the file is OK, just something about the content, and the Multiplex needs fixed for it. You could try deleting everything in the Roxio Convert Items folder, delete the Toast prefs, and try with default settings.
  11. freshburn

    Toast 9 And Bd-re Diks

    Don use the Dynamic Writing when erasing the disc. Make sure that check box is turned off when erasing.
  12. freshburn

    Hd Video On Standard Dvd Media: Anyone Get It To Work?

    I'm saying Ulead is not creating BDMV on DVD. They are creating something else "AVCHD on DVD", which is entirely different and I have yet to find any information regarding that 'format'. It could be AVREC disc, which is yet again an entirely different format. "Sonic Studio" only makes audio software, unless you are referring to Sonic Solutions in which case their pro-software also doesn't not create BD on DVD that work on the PS3 from the disc I've seen. Adobe uses the Sonic engine, so I question if that would work either. So you can argue all day long, it doesn't work PS3, other players work fine. Use Ulead if you like. Blu-ray still has years to go before it even comes close to being truly useful as an HD format. Many of the players still don't support the final BD specs either.
  13. freshburn

    Upgrade to 7.1 now won't see external

    That drive won't ever work again. The problem is the bridge in the firewire box. I suggest getting a new drive, they are cheap and much better anymore.
  14. freshburn

    Problem with BD on DVD playback

    Ulead is not creating BDMV disc on DVD, they are burning AVCHD DVD which is different. The PS3 does not support BDMV on DVD correctly.
  15. freshburn

    Hd Video On Standard Dvd Media: Anyone Get It To Work?

    The PS3 will not play BD on DVD that are authored correctly. There are hacks to make it work, but it doesn't play spec discs. If the Sony app works, it because they are doing something non-standard.