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  1. kitykity

    "white flvs" from original roxio mp4s

    I'm using VideoWave... I have the full 9 suite... and what other mp4 option do you suggest?
  2. kitykity

    16:9 export to avi?

    Basically, when I let Roxio make 16:9 mp4s for me (called "smaller size") for use in a video blog/video podcast feed, they come out "pixely." So I thought I'd try exporting it to an uncompressed AVI and let QT Pro make the .mov file itself. So the question is: what settings should I use for an uncompressed avi? Or... even better... what settings can I put in for an .mp4 that doesn't end up so pixely? Roxio doesn't offer the option to up keyframes, etc. correct? Thanks in advance... Susan
  3. Hi there, I wanted to present this issue I'm having with Roxio mp4s, in hopes that one of the developers will see this message and take a look at it (I know they pop in here from time to time). I use www.blip.tv as the site to host my videos. I use Video Wave (from Roxio 9) to create videos in "ipod format" from the dropdown menu. They play and upload fine, and play on the ipod fine. However, when blip tries to convert those mp4s into .flv's to play on their website, there is audio, but no video--just a white screen. I am friends with the entire blip team, and they have said it is a problem with the encoding of the mp4s. Could you please look into this, or drop them an email and see what you can do to get this issue resolved? My username on there is "kitykity" if you'd like to look at some of my older videos with this problem (from April or earlier). Thanks in advance for your help! Susan (longtime Roxio user and fan)
  4. kitykity

    ipod format not working

    Well, I fixed it, but I want to know why now. I had checked "normalize audio" the first time I compiled, and that movie would not play on the ipod. This time, I did NOT normalize audio, and the video plays on the ipod fine. Can anyone explain this phenomenon? Thanks
  5. kitykity

    Controlling my video camera from Roxio?

    If your new Dell is a laptop, you can get a PCMCIA firewire card for cheap... even PC PCI slot cards are cheap, and you can get one with both firewire and USB plugs on the same card--can be handy.
  6. kitykity

    ipod format not working

    I have purchased Roxio 9, and I use Video Wave frequently. I just tried to make a movie with the ipod format in Video Wave. I then put it onto my ipod, and it won't play. Has anyone else had this problem? This is one of the most important reasons I went out and bought Roxio 9. Thanks... Susan
  7. kitykity

    Mdi Files To Jpg Files

    I discovered another one, in case anyone is reading this thread: http://www.irfanview.com open irfanview, and hit the T key, which opens the thumbnail viewer. Then, go to a directory, select a bunch of pictures, and under File select "create contact sheet from selected thumbs." It's got TONS of options, and will either print the sheets or save them as .jpg files! Now if only Roxio had something like this...
  8. kitykity

    Mdi Files To Jpg Files

    Oh that was WAY too easy... thank you guys so much!
  9. kitykity

    Mdi Files To Jpg Files

    So... where is the Windows Fax and Viewer located? Don't laugh!
  10. kitykity

    Mdi Files To Jpg Files

    Has anyone had a chance to look at this topic yet? I'd really appreciate any help someone could offer... or, if there is a better program out there for printing contact sheets, I'd like that as well!
  11. kitykity

    Mdi Files To Jpg Files

    Hi there! I'm trying to figure out if there is an easy way to make contact sheets... you can print them out to your printer, or you can use Microsoft Document Imaging to "print" the contact sheets to a file... then open them with MDI viewer... then save them as single-page TIFs... then convert them to jpg's... is there a simpler process to get a contact sheet into JPG format? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Susan
  12. kitykity

    Play Next Menu Title?

    I don't know why it's so hard to believe. Why would I go on and on about something if it weren't true? I even wrote an entire tutorial about it (course it was in the old forums, I'm not sure if it's still here). Here's a screen shot from my VideoWave with Roxio 7: I have 3ivx installed, which I've also mentioned several times. When I make movies with VideoWave, I can output directly to mp4 format... with Videowave from Roxio 7. Doesn't work with 8.
  13. kitykity

    What Happened To Mp4 Support?

    So I think I finally figured out what was going on... http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1923218,00.asp Looks like there's a copyright issue with AT&T. Sonic was even named there. Wild stuff. Fight the good fight, Sonic/Roxio guys, pay for mp4, and get us our mp4 creation back.
  14. kitykity

    Play Next Menu Title?

    No way!! So they have removed the two options I used the most--mp4 support in VideoWave, and "Play next title" in DVD Builder (if you will)...? Why do I even have 8 installed? Argh! By the way--off topic--but I have not been able to get the 8 upgrade from the web page to install. It tries to tell me I don't have 8 installed on my hard drive... and at this point, I kind of wish I didn't... I'll stick with 7.
  15. kitykity

    Play Next Menu Title?

    In Roxio 7, in preferences, there was a box that asked if you wanted to have the DVD return to the main menu after playing a movie, or play the next title... is that feature gone in Roxio 8? Because I can't find it... after playing each title, it just goes back to the menu... Thanks! Susan