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  1. It may run correctly for 10 to 15 minutes, then down it goes from the beginning. Nope, never work right from the beginning. I only get the Windows error. Thank you for the other suggestions, will do.
  2. No the computer I bought had Windows 7 on it on purpose because I didn't want any incompatibilities, silly me. Anyway, the error occurs right in the middle of editing and only the Windows one. I close the program and begin again. And as requested the dxdiag
  3. I have Roxio Creator NXT 2 on a system 7 machine, which I had to get about a month ago, because you no longer support Creator 2010 which worked just fine on my old computer. I keep getting this same message when I'm using the sound editor. It crashes right in the middle of my projects. It is VERY annoying to have to restart the program, load all the cuts and start ALL over. I need a better answer than well it copied the disc didn't it, well this is in the middle of my work. It is happening too often to be an OH WELL, There is obviously a bug in this program or an incompatibility of some sort which needs to be fixed!. Since one is unable to speak to anyone and the chat button doesn't work either, I may be looking for a different program. VERY, VERY UNHAPPY!
  4. jfgalli

    Losing file titles when I burn to disc

    Thanks for the tip, unfortunately the box was checked but it still doesn't bring the title along. I created some of the edit in a program called Audacity but some were created by EMC 9. They both do the same thing. Any other thoughts?
  5. Hi Everyone I am a total newbee to this program (Media Creator 9). I am trying to do a simple edit of an mp3 audio files, (just cutting out part and saving the rest as a file that will work on a CD player). But I need to save them with a descriptive title. Everytime I try to burn them to a disk, they show up as Track 1, Track 2, etc on the disk all my own titles are gone. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have a Vista system. I could really use some help. I've tried to use the help feature of the program, but I must not be asking the right questions. Thanks to anyone who can get me through this.