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  1. Thank you for the quick replies. I have used drag-to-disc successfully for years; I have not run into any issues. (And yes, I have been able to use what I wrote to CDs.) It's too bad the functionality was not made available for non-Vista users. Cheers, PP
  2. Hello, I just went from EMC 7 to EMC 10. There does not seem to be an equivalent to drag-to-disc. When I loaded a partially created CD started with drag-to-disc under EMC 7, it was not recognized under EMC 10 until I finalized the disc on another computer. Is there a drag-to-disc equivalent under EMC 10? How do I achieve the equivalent functionality? Thanks, PP
  3. ppb

    No "Select Thumbnail" (greyed out)

    Hummm, Not sure it matters since it looks like if the video starts when I used the OK or the Play button in the Preview mode.... ANyway, I may just change the menu to something else, to be safe. Thanks, PP
  4. ppb

    No "Select Thumbnail" (greyed out)

    Thanks for the info. I went back to the default menu, used Select Thumbnail to get the thumbnail I wanted, then re-applied the Steel Veins menu. Voilà ! I ended up with what I wanted. A bit of a convoluted way to get there. Too bad you can't do this directly from the desired menu. Cheers, PP
  5. ppb

    No "Select Thumbnail" (greyed out)

    I just tried this again with the "default menu page" that comes up when starting MyDVD and I see two thumbnails, one of which has the select thumbnail when right-clicked. The Menu Style I was using was the Steel Veins menu style, which doe snot appear to have these two thumbnails... What gives? PP
  6. Hi, I just started MyDVD to create a new project. I added a new movie (MPEG); a related thumbnail and associated text was added. The very first frame of the movie is shown as a thumbnail and I would like to change that. When I right-click on the thumbnail there is no "Select Thumbnail" menu. Under the DVD Menu, the Select Thumbnail menu is greyed out. What am I doing wrong? This used to work for me under EMC 7. Regards, PPB