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    popcorn 3 on mac mini

    solved the problem: I connected a DVI to Video (Svideo/RCA) adapter and now the system thinks that theres a monitor attached: I am stuck with 1024X768, but at least it works. Compressing and burning fine now.
  2. hawaiiguy

    popcorn 3 on mac mini

    I am using Vine server on the Mac Mini, and a VNC client on my macbook to remotely control the unit... it sits on the shelf with my hard drives. downloaded popcorn 3 beta and same problem persists. Icon bounces up and down and nothing.
  3. hawaiiguy

    popcorn 3 on mac mini

    thanks for the reply. but I am running 10.4.10, and the Popcorn 3 beta would not help cause I am not running leopard: The software boots up and runs fine if I have a monitor attached, but I am running it on a headless mini: I don't know if the system is preventing popcorn from loading because I don't have a monitor attached... Come to think of it, the Apple DVD player will not run without a monitor either... I wonder if that is related...
  4. hawaiiguy

    popcorn 3 on mac mini

    I downloaded Popcorn 3 on mac mini (intel 10.4.10) and followed instructions to install: dragged to applications folder. I clicked on Popcorn Application, it looked like it was starting up and ... nothing. I did this a few more times and I had the same result. I normally have the unit headless (running Vine server VNC), but when I plugged in an external montior the program started right up. I inserted the serial number and it worked fine. I then disconnected the external monitor, rebooted and same problem... the application looked like it was starting and then nothing. Any assistance would be appreciated.