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    Patches vs software updates

    Thanks to everybody for all the above. Your help is much appreciated. However... I got to thinking that I had already spent a tidy sum on the EMC8 already, and I kind of baulked at spending out more money on a controller just to fix one problem (theres still shedloads more), so I did a bit of digging and came up with deepburner. Its free and works a treat. Now if somebody can come up with it for free, how is it that we spend almost £100 for a suite of programs where even the basic "raison d'etre" doesn't work. (At least not without a controller card) Sorry Roxio, EMC8 is back in the box until you start fixing all the outsatnding issues. Can you take a look at the Label Creator - an absolute peach on ECDCPlatinum, just rubbish now. Why fix it when it wasn't broke?
  2. stevensrw

    Patches vs software updates

    Er, ok Neil, many thanks for this tip. Bear with a dummy for a moment longer please, I'm looking for an IDE controller PCI card that could be used for a RAID system, but I'm just going to use it for my IDE DVD burner cable - right? So instead of connecting the burner directly to the mobo, I connect via this pci card. I assume a generic one will do. There are Promise brand ones avaiable but they are about £50 for a 4 port.
  3. stevensrw

    Patches vs software updates

    Hi CDanteek On checking IDE/ATAPI controllers, Primary, secondary and VIA Bus Master IDE controllers all using Microsoft Drivers. DVD burner also using Microsoft drivers. Sorry, I don'y know what to look for on the Promise side. I'm not using a RAID array and have no SCSI peripherals.
  4. I've got so many issues with EMC8 that I stopped using it some months back. I read on these forums about people getting patches for various items but I seem to get no response from Roxio, and have been waiting for a general update release, and waiting... What's the latest on freezing on burning DVD's and all the issues with Label creator (not retaining locational settings etc) and in the absence of any resonse from Roxio, how to I find out whether these have been addressed? Windows XP Home SP2 Asus A8V deluxe Athlon 64 bit 3700 San Diego 1gB Ram, WD 120gb SATA main drive Maxtor 250GB EIDE archive LG GSA4167B combi DVD/CDburner, Sony Cd burner
  5. stevensrw

    What do you guys do?

    One word of caution however, external drives in caddys do tend to be noisy, especially when placed on your desk which acts as a sound board. look out for one with a fan, and put in the biggest drive you can stretch to - as you say, with movies they fill up awful fast
  6. stevensrw

    Label Printing

    Sraight onto paper. A4 size (I'm in the UK). This suite has soo many problems. I've temporarily given up. I'll look again in 6 months or so, to see if there's an update. Meantime I've gone back to using ECDC Platinum label creator. It's easy, reliable and, most importantly, it works!
  7. stevensrw

    Cut Lines

    Grandpa's assistance is greatly appreciated, These guys do it just out of community spirit, not because they work for Roxio, however, in response.. That's what it should do. Check the box, print away. Trouble is, it doesn't work, I've tried. Just another one of the seemingly endless problems with this suite. How about printer calibration not being saved, or the paper always reverting to letter. The list goes on. I've stopped using this for labels. In fact, I've stopped using EMC8 suite.
  8. stevensrw

    Label Printing

    Having calibrated the printer to get my disc labels spot on, the next time I go into print a new label its off by a good way. Please don't tell me I have to recalibrate every time - the alignment settings were still there. Can anybody tell me anything that this piece of junk does properly? ECDC platinum was perfect, so they can do it if they want to. Is Roxio/Sonic having a bit of fun at our expense perhaps? I don't know how much you guys in the US have to pay for this garbage, but over here in the UK its about £60 (that's around $100). You'd think it would work for that sum wouldn't you?
  9. stevensrw

    Print Size

    Seems like sooo many people are having similar problems with printing their labels. It all worked absolutely perfectly in ECDC platinum. I just cannot believe they've "enhanced" it (to use the computer world's euphamism for screwing it up), then charge a good few pounds for a new enhanced version that does not seem to work. Printing outlines (cut & fold lines) doesn't work for me despite checking the box in the print dialog, and my disc labels come out about 50% size. As for alignment with generic stock - don't even go there. Roxio - it was never broke - please un-fix it so we can all use it, and quickly please.
  10. stevensrw

    Label Printing - Three Issues

    Hi everybody I'm struggling with the label printing software in EMC 8. Issue 1. Disc labels print out at the wrong diameter. I can't find a button to set the size or scale the image to fit discs. Issue 2. I use unbranded stock for the disc labels. The sheets have two disc labels on each one. Is there either any way I can configure the printer to modify say, an Avery label to get two labels to print in the correct location on the sheet or to calibrate a single label to print in the "top" location on the sheet Issue 3. This has been addressed to an extent elsewhere in this forum but it still doesn't work for me - jewel case trim and fold lines (PERFECT in the old ECDC 5 Platinum) do not print (or even display) even when the box is checked Any help on these would be much appreciated Richard
  11. stevensrw

    Ecec5 Recognises Cd Burner, Not Dvd

    Thanks for the prompt reply Brendon String is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4176B It was bought about 3 or 4 months ago as part of a major upgrade Richard
  12. I have the latest updates for drive support (Version "V") on Easy CD creator Platinum. OS Win XP Home SP2. I have an LG GSA-6167B burner which is good for DVD and CD burning. I also have an old Sony CD burner installed. When I try to burn a DVD (Single layer - I know dual layer is not supported), I have the option to select device by double clicking on the box at the bottom of the window. It sees the LG burner but it only allows me to select CD media under supported media. If it recognises the burner, why won't it let me burn music DVD's with it. I also have Easy Media Creator 8 installed, but I find the interface too complicated and difficult to use.