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  1. I have uninstalled Creator NXT PRO from the Control Panel and installed Creator NXT PRO 2 in it's place. (I now have several computers all with Roxio Creator products in them). I'm using Windows 7 Home. In Photosuite, with my photo in the main panel, I click on either frames or edge but there is no content. The cloning option also does not always show the setting to resize the brush. I have uninstalled and re-installed twice. I would really like to try a clean install but cannot find instructions. I have tried the Roxio Creator 2011 System Cleaner without success. These are the only problems I have found to date. Please see screen shots. Thanks for any help.
  2. no picture frames in NXT Pro 2 photosuite

  3. Ruufuss

    DVD Drive Not Recognized

    Memorex DVD+RW was the only +RW that I had on hand. I won't be using them again. I am a firm believer in only using Verbatim as well. Second, this was the message I received: "Roxio Creator Roxio Creator has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience". "Please tell Microsoft about this problem" ... send the error report etc. Needless to say the program closed down each time. There was no further information offered as Microsoft sometimes does. When I used my DVD drive to play movies, it functioned correctly. When I used my DVD drive with EMC 8 the program crashed. I think all EMC programs should show a corrupted or unreadable disc error if that is the case. It would save a lot of wasted time & energy for both the customer and Roxio staff. I have passed on my concerns to Roxio.
  4. Ruufuss

    DVD Drive Not Recognized

    Thanks 'grandpabruce' for your suggestions. However, I didn't have to try them... I discovered that the Memorex DVD+RW that I was using - on both computers - was "corrupted and unreadable" after only 10 burns. I expected it to last a lot longer. That was the problem. I don't understand why Roxio didn't spit out that message instead of the Microsoft 'Roxio must close' message with no further information. Also don't understand the Roxio error code #13003 which I gather just means there are no further updates for the EMC 8. That second problem came up while trying to sort out the first one. Thanks again. It's good to know there is help out there! Ruufuss
  5. Ruufuss

    DVD Drive Not Recognized

    Hi Beerman: No I haven't installed any new programs at all since EMC 8 a year ago. I had to look up what a virtual drive program was...! I had reinstalled EMC 8 after the problem began (which didn't make a difference) but that's it. I basically use my computer for copying & making DVD's from my camcorder with EMC 8. I have a second computer which has been affected in the exact same way. It's also Windows XP Home, SP 2 Intel Pentium 4, CPU 2.80GHz 2.79GHz, 512 MB of RAM I haven't installed any new programs in it either. I appreciate your help! Ruufuss
  6. Ruufuss

    DVD Drive Not Recognized

    I am having absolutely the exact same problem with EMC 8 as "cajun 1955" did in July '07. Was there a fix found for the problem? I have been using EMC 8 for more than a year. Then all of a sudden a week ago, when I tried to use my DVD drive (e.g. with Disc Copier) my DVD drive is not recognized. I have no problem using my DVD drive for playing movies. I have also tried ALL the fixes suggested by Roxio, which includes the link provided by "Beerman". I have also rolled back to Internet Explorer 6 and to Media Player 10. I'm using Windows XP Home, SP 2 intel celeron CPU 1.70GHz 1.72GHz 1.50 GB of RAM Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also desperate, but in Ontario