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    Converting a .avi file into .mov

    Thanks so much....but I tried it and doesn't work. I still just get audio.
  2. Paperclips

    Converting a .avi file into .mov

    I purchased Popcorn 3 for the SOLE purpose of converting video from my Casio camera (.avi) into a format that I can read and load into iPhoto. When I first downloading my video (.avi), I can get audio, but no video. I called Apple support and they suggested I download (for free) TLV (I think that's the name of this software, it has a road cone as an icon). After doing that, I was able to view my video files, but it doesn't help my original problem of being able to view and edit in iPhoto or iMovie ('08). I tried to follow the directions on the Popcorn 3 box, but it just doesn't work. The screens that should (as per the directions) come up, don't. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for any input.