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  1. I just updated to Quicktime 7.3 and now Popcorn crashes immediately after I launch it. I'm still running OSX 10.4.10 and Popcorn 2.0.1 was working without any problems until I updated Quicktime (and Itunes to 7.5 (19)). I tried trashing Popcorn 2.0.1 and reinstalling 2.0 but it still crashes after launch. I'm assuming that this associated with the problem with Leopard, but I'm still using Tiger. Anyone experiencing this or have any fixes? Would upgrading to Popcorn 3.0 solve this problem? I'd rather not have to if there is another solution. Thanks
  2. HarryLime

    Quicktime Update causing Popcorn 2 to crash?

    Thanks tsantee. I did recently install an Xvid codec and removing it solved the problem.