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  1. I purchased Creator 10 to use with Tivo recordings and to convert/transfer files my Gigabeat. I was told by Tivo TS that I needed to have the correct CODEC for Tivo to Go to play on Windows Media Player 11. They asked that I download the Windows XP video decoder checkup utility to see what Codecs I had installed. After we looked at them, they suggested I purchase Roxio Creator for my application. Once I had Creator 10 installed, I ran the decoder checkup utility again and it shows that all of the Roxio Encoders and Decoders as incompatible. Also I can play SD Tivo recordings just fine, but all of my HD recordings will not play. Does anyone have any words of wisdom???
  2. TCooper

    Creator 10 won't install

    Thanks to both of you, I think I found the problem. I had a program from Music Giants that was causing a conflict during the end of the ZIP extraction. For whatever reason, the file that was supposed to open Roxio was opening a program for a download from Music Giants web site. Once I removed the MG software Roxio started at the end of extraction.
  3. I have downloaded both V10 files (suite and Content) and when I attempt to install the suite, a status box appears and all of the files unpack, but once the status bar reaches the far right and all files are done unpacking the box disappears and nothing else happens. I have also tried unloading everything from the start-up in msconfig and then trying the install, but the same thing happens. Does anyone have another idea to try??? BTW, I am attempting this install on Windows XP SP 2.