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  1. My Dell computer had a "starter" version of Roxio Creator, but I wanted to upgrade to Roxio NXT. When I did, the install did not go well and I had several different kinds of errors and problems. So I decided to uninstall and reinstall. When I did this, I also uninstalled the Roxio Creator starter version so I could start from scratch. Now I have reinstalled NXT and some of the old problems are gone -- but now I have a new problem. I want to edit videos in VideoWave, but it won't let me. I am trying to open AVCHD files with an .mts extension, and it won't recognize them or let me edit them at all. What now?? This is the entire reason I shelled out the money for this program. I've used Roxio in the past with great success, but since trying this newer version on a new computer, all I've had is headaches and errors.
  2. romyandjess

    Computer System Crashes in VideoWave or MyDVD

    WOW, I THINK I'VE SOLVED THE PROBLEM! it's amazing how helpful your computer's "help and support" function can actually be! after much searching for information about my video driver, i found where to locate it and how to update it, and that seems to have solved the problem. so thanks for mentioning my video card... that's what got me to looking.
  3. Hi, I'm new here but please help. I bought my MediaCreator version 9 nearly a year ago and have used many aspects of the software with no problems. Now I am finally finding some time to make a DVD, and I'm running into a huge problem. Any time I'm trying to edit video in either VideoWave or MyDVD, my computer will suddenly just go black and restart itself, with no warning. I don't have to be doing anything specific to cause this to happen... but I usually can't use the program for more than just a few minutes before my computer shuts down. Let me know if you need more info to help, but I surely do need help. I am very frustrated and almost wish I could just throw this software out the window -- I can use my basic Windows MovieMaker with less trouble than this! Argh!