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  1. I now have the answer to my question. The short answer is that music from the two different sources are not necessarily compatible with each other. This has to do with the way Sonicfire pro looks up "album" information for each track. I found this information on another forum, where a representative of Smartsound Software Inc. was able to answer my question. It's not the answer I would have preferred, but at least now I know...... Thanks to all who tried to help me with my question.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I mean no disrespect, but, It appears you haven't carefully read each of my posts in this thread. In my second post in this thread (begining with Oops!) I explained exactly what my question was and gave very specific examples of what I was seeing. I already know how to add smartsound audio to Videowave . What I wanted to know was why I couldn't access all the "owned" music available in Sonicfire Pro while working in the "select background audio" window within Videowave. I would very much appreciate some guidance on this specific issue. Again, no disrespect intended. I have gained valuable information from members like you in this forum and hope to continue to do so in the future. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I use Videowave to create slide shows, with a few video clips thrown in at the end. In the interim, I’ve been doing as much research as possible on this issue. Roxio’s documentation offers little help on this issue, past how to add a Smartsound audio . I’ve not filled out a “ticket” to get help directly from Roxio and I’m sure as heck not going to pay $1.89/minute with a 15 minute minimum. I felt sure that this was such a basic question that someone here would have a solution for me. I decided to go about my research from the Smartsound side of things. I’ve watched most of the video tutorials on the Smartsound site. I learned how to export music as a wave file that I can then use in Videowave, but I wanted to be able to select the Smartsound from within Creator 2009 as stated above. All of these tutorials deal with matching music to a video clip, not with still images. I can’t find any information on how to do this. I’m not experienced at this type of thing so I need to start with the real basics. This still doesn’t answer my question in the post above. The help system within Sonicfire Pro is, in my opinion, not arranged in an orderly fashion. The “getting Started” section of help only deals with installation, setting preferences, and getting music ready to use, with no help with the basics of starting a project. As far as I can tell, there is no comprehensive user manual available. Even the less than complete Creator 2009 manual is better than no manual at all. I’ve not been able to find a dedicated forum dealing with Sonicfire Pro. As you could imagine, I’m a little frustrated in not being able to find the basic information to serve my needs. This additional music availability was the sole reason I bought the Ultimate Version, since I already had EMC 10 that fit my needs. Any help with my quest is very much appreciated.
  4. Oops! I was, in fact, talking about Smart Sound as opposed to Sonicfire Pro. I was under the impression that they used the same music. If I owned Sonicfire Pro I could use the music that came with Sonicfire Pro with Smart Sound. I have Sonicfire Pro 5.0 scoring edition. Different lists of "owned" music show up in Sonicfire Pro's Smart Sound Express Track window (opens when Sonicfire Pro is opened) and the "Select Background audio" window within Videowave. For example, in the "Rock" type within Videowave it lists three titles: "Cold Metal", "Driven", and "Take Me There." In the Smart Sound Express Track window within Sonicfire Pro it lists other titles. It lists "Cold Metal" and "Take Me There", but for some reason it doesn't list "Driven." In addition to these two titles, six other titles show up: "Double Diamond", "Friends Forever", "Power Drive", "Road Trip", "Spare Nothing", and "Wide Open." I am sure I am looking at only "owned" music in both lists. Why don't both lists show the same titles, since I own everything in both lists? Is there a way that I could get access to the music I own in SonicFire Pro from Videowave's select background audio window? Once again, my main question is how can I access the other "owned" music from within Videowave? Thanks for your help.
  5. I'm not trying to hijack Loretta's thread, but I would like some clarification in case she is in a like situation to mine. I don't save my projects in the documents folder (Vista). I save them in a folder I've created. Is it only if you save your projects in the documents folder that none of the data is affected? I tried an experiment with one of my projects. I've put jpegs into Videowave using the media selector. After the picture is in the project I sometimes doubleclick in the panel to get an "edit" window where I can do a few things, in my case mostly cropping. When I do this, Videowave puts information about the crop within a subfolder of the Videowave folder. On My machine it is here: C:\Program Data\Roxio\Videowave11\Images. The program makes a copy of the modified image and appends it with a "0" at the end of the filename, which it stores in the above mentioned folder. For example the image I modified was DSC_7847 and the modified image is DSC_78470. If I delete (temporarily store on the desktop) the modified picture from the Images folder and then restart the program, a box comes up titled "Cannot find required files". It lists the affected file with the path, in my case C:\Program Data\Roxio\Videowave11\Images DSC_78470. It lists some choices you can make to fix the situation............skip, browse etc. If you select "skip" the production will open, but with a blue question mark in the panel where the cropped picture used to reside. If I copy the picture back from the desktop and then restart the program, the production opens normally with all pictures intact. If I were to do a clean uninstall, wouldn't the Images folder be deleted and thus not available to look for modifications after reinstallation? Could it be that if I uninstalled the program and kept both the dmsm file and the dat file that the info in the Images folder would be contained in the dat file? Just to be double darn sure, If I was to uninstall/reinstall I would certainly copy the contents of the Images folder along with the dmsm and dat files. Am I missing something?
  6. The primary reason for buying Creator 2009 was that it included Sonicfire Pro to use in adding music to Videowave productions. I don’t know much about Sonicfire, but I do know that it’s a stand alone program that comes with Creator 2009 Ultimate. It somehow connects to Videowave because when I click the background audio icon it takes me to a window that allows me to choose music according to style/title/variation etc. When I open Sonicfire Pro by itself, there seems to be more music available when you open up something called express track. How do I gain access to these tracks from within Videowave? I doubt that I’d ever use Sonicfire Pro because all I do is adjust volume, fades, and length, all of which I can do in the select background audio window or within the sound editor in Videowave. The manual has little information about this. If there are any online resources for dealing with this specific issue I’d appreciate knowing where to find them. Thanks for your help.
  7. Loretta, have you uninstalled Creator 2009 yet? I'm curious how it went. While I don't have the error message you received, I do plan to uninstall/reinstall for various reasons. Since I do slide shows using Videowave I'll also backp the drsm and dat files for each production. If you have done this already, did you loose any productions (without having to restore from a backuup)?
  8. I have Creator Ultimate 2009 and am using Label Creator to design and print inserts for a standard cd jewel case. I am using Avery #8693, which can either print 20 front and back insets or 40 Standard/Slimline inserts. When I go to print the front insert, I first make sure that I have selected the proper (front) section at the bottom of the window. Under Media I have selected "commercial paper" There is no Avery 8693 under Paper Type, so I chose Avery 8696, which I think is the combo pack containing the 8693 insets and the 8692 cd labels. To the right side, the print preview window shows the front cover positioned at the bottom of the sheet, which is the correct position. When I actually print the insert, it prints at the top of the page. Does anyone know why this would occur? I'm using a HP Photosmart C7180 printer. I've tried every other choice that has the label at the bottom of the page and every one prints at the top of the page. (Naturally, I'm using plain paper to test.....) The printer has been callibrated for the rear inserts, which I was able to successfully print (using Avery 6691 U-card, as there was no choice for Avery 8693) and the inserts printed perfectly. I'm at a loss as to why this would be. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
  9. FalvinP

    Dissolve Transition In Videowave

    Thanks for the tip. I did as you suggested. I got back accurate images of the thumbnails and transitions, but the on again/off again issue with the dissolve transition is still there. I'm constantly trying to figure out exactly what I can do to work around this problem. For a while, if the transitions didn't work, I could replace the first transition in the production and all the others would work. Other times, when I would preview a large part of my presentation, the transitions would not work and then then they would work. I'd stop and go back to the part where the transitions didn't work and they worked. Go figure.......
  10. FalvinP

    Dissolve Transition In Videowave

    I'm not sure if I should start a new thread or not, but since this situation is part of the ongoing problem, I thought I'd pose it here. I'm still having problems with the transitions working some times but without warning not working at other times. Sometimes saving the project brings them back, other times not. Same thing with closing and restarting the program. It takes close to 5 minutes to save the project, which seems long to me. The only thing that seems to fix the problem is to reboot. Naturally, this is very time consuming. An issue that I didn't mention before, because it was not much of an issue, is the fact that, over time, the thumbnails (photo and panels etc.) seem to degrade over time, to the extent that I can't tell which picture it is. Little boxes with what look like little x's gradually appear in the thumbnail. It reminds me of how a jpeg image degrades the more often you save it. If I were to delete the image and replace it with the same image, things would be normal, but once again, they would start to degrade. I noticed today that this was occurring with new images I just put in, even before the project was saved for the first time with the new images in it.. All this leads me to believe that perhaps my video card is not up to snuff on this project. I have a BFG GeForce 7950 GT card with 512 Mb of video ram. It supports DirectX 9, which is the minimum to run Videowave. Since this is a minimum specification, would updating the videocard solve the problem? Even though the minimum specification will work, I imagine it could work better with a DirectX 10 card. It would be nice if I could solve this problem because it's taking much more time to complete my project. Thanks for your advice.
  11. FalvinP

    Dissolve Transition In Videowave

    I've done some more testing and it seems that the transition stops working after I right click and adjust the duration of the transition. If I have to save and restart Videowave every time I change the length of a transition, using Videowave will be quite clunky.
  12. I'm creating a project in Videowave (Creator 2009). I've put in a few dozen pictures so far. I usually use a dissolve transition between pictures. Today, as I've been creating this project, the dissolve transition stops working. It acts as if there is no transition between pictures. Sometimes they will work again if I close the program and reopen it, but not all the time. Other times I've had to reboot the computer, after saving the production, to get the transition to work. The other transitions seem to work. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why the transition stops working?
  13. FalvinP

    How To Back Up Videowave Projects?

    Thanks again for the reply. I looked at my earlier posts and couldn't find where I said that Videowave creates any new folders. I just said that I thought that the information concerning any picture modified from within Videowave (cropping etc) is stored in a file within Videowave. To this end, I conducted an experiment. I created a new project and put in two black panels with some text on them, two unedited photos, and one cropped photo (cropped in Videowave). I then searched for any folder within Videowave that would seem to contain this information. I found it in: C:\ProgramData\Roxio\Videowave11\Images I saved the file and then opened it. All the panels and images were there as originally done. I then removed the modified image from the folder listed above and put it in a place were I could get at it, saved the file, and reopened. The panel of the modified picture showed up as the dreaded blue question mark. I then put the file back in the Images folder and the cropped image showed up normally. I guess this experiment might show that all the information concerning a project is not necessarily contained in the dmsm file. I imagine that the dmsm file "points" to the file in the Images folder, but without that file, I wouldn't get the original panel back. I guess I know what specific folder to back up ,in the event of a problem, to save my edited pictures. However, I can't seem to find the same type of information concerning panels or pictures that have text on them. When I opened last years project (made with EMC 10) I could not get ether modified pictures, pictures with text on them, or colored panels with text on them. Blank panels showed up. It might be that this type of information is indeed stored within the dmsm file because, although the project file was backed up, the hard drive had been backed up and the new version of Videowave had been installed. Does anyone have a suggestion? Please note that I know that most people here know a lot more about this product than I do. I'm not out to prove anyone wrong. I just want to try and get the most accurate information possible because if I have a problem, I want to be sure to get my project back fully intact.
  14. FalvinP

    How To Back Up Videowave Projects?

    Thanks for the reply. I'm aware that the file only stores instructions for what to do to content. In the scenario I proposed, even if I saved the file under a different name, backed up that file to a different disk. and had to reformat/reinstall etc., wouldn't I would still loose the modified panels as I explained in the original post? As far as I know, Videowave just puts those modifications in a specific folder within the Roxio product. I guess I just need to know which folder that is so I can replace the folder in the reinstalled version with the backed up folder. I'm just not sure if there is more than folder within the Roxio product that would need to be backed up also. Again, thanks for the reply.
  15. I’ve done a search, but can’t find the answer my my question. I’m getting ready to create a Videowave project. I’m concerned about backing up the project, once I get it started. In the past, I’ve merely copied the production file to another drive. I’ve had to reformat and reinstall Windows and Creator (earlier versions). I had all the pictures used, plus the production file saved to a different disk. When I opened the backed up file I was not able to see many panels, including pictures that had been modified from within Videowave. I’m reasonably sure that the data for those type of panels is stored within the Roxio folder in some way. My question is…………. Exactly what, besides pictures, video, and music files, in addition to the production file itself, would I need to back up so I can get the entire production back after a catastrophe? Thanks for your help.