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    Solved The Problem!

    I've PM'd you for more information. One thing when you remove Roxio 2009 (remember I didn't get around to getting Ultimate 2009 yet) is that you have to remember to remove ALL of it. It creates about 4 different entries in your "add remove" programs from control panel. And then reboot afterwards if you are going to reinstall. If you have gone and lost partitions and had things reformatted in the process on your externals, I can help you there, as well as with lost data after a reformat, so long as you didn't make the big RAW boo-boo that I made. An old saying in the photography business is to make every mistake there is to make, and then you REALLY learn. It is kind of like that with computers too. I'm a big believer in Norton Save & Restore 2.0 (formerly Ghost), but on the Vista Ultimate 64 bit (I can't speak for the other versions) it has an image backup and restore built right in. And if the rest of you want to laugh (this is pretty darned funny, if you think about it)...January of this year my oldest son presented me with another server, a Linksys NAS200. Within it resides (2) 1TB HD's. Well, as it was a birthday gift, he came over and set it up. I provided the HD's. But from the time we turned it on there was a whole lot of 'clicking' going on with that server. He said he didn't like the sound of it, that there was probably something wrong with one or both of the HD's. They were both brand new Seagates, but as the server (set up to mirror) was new to me, I was used to using IIS, I wasn't at all sure he was right. Two days ago I got my answer. Suddenly the clicks got louder, and more insistant, not stopping. I wanted to find the log files to see if someone was hacking in. Always keep in mind the new computer I'm on now is foreign to me. So I asked Linksys where I might find the access logs. Usually it is not a problem as my two sons are the only ones who use it with me. As I was in chat with Linksys to find the logs, I realized that Drive 2 was not being recognized by the system at all. It was "unformatted" "uninstalled" "un everythinged". Stupidly, I listened to Linksys instead of following my own instincts, and removed the mirror. So, over 32,000 files were gone. GONE. I took the HD's out of the server, and Drive 2 was so hot to the touch that I burned my fingers. You might say this was all horribly unlucky, but I look at it this way; had I not BEEN in my study when this went on, there is a possibility that the house may have gone on fire. Licking my wounds, I checked the warranty on Drive 2, not a problem, warranteed until 2012. I packed it up, put it in the McDuffmobile, and ran out to pick up an identical HD. But now the info was gone. LUCKILY, as I had not trusted a new piece of equipment, I had the very, very vast majority of files copied to a 2TB Fantom FireWire 800. Meanwhile I mailed the troubled drive back to Seagate. So, I inserted the new HD, put back my settings, and began using Vista to just drag and drop the 32,000 files. Here I learned something else that might benefit someone: Vista did an admirable job of copying all but the files with very long names (which you will find quite often in compilations or with classical music). Those it made me skip. It did not give me the opportunity to rename the files during the transfer process, and it did not give me the information as to which folder or album these tunes might reside. I have MY music on there, and my sons have their own folders for THEIR music, and the idea is that when my son goes RV'ng, he doesn't have to drag all this info around with him but can simply get it from the server at any time. The other son can actually access manuals and whatnot while on duty, even procedures for this or that. But if the file name is too long...Vista can't handle the transfer. Jotting down information such as names and file sizes (believe me it gives very limited info), anything that might lead me to the right file, I had an idea of where to look for the non-transferred files. So I had to use WS_FTP Pro and upload them that way, and that way it let me keep the original file names. It is something to keep in mind. The server will accept the very long file names, but Vista, on its own, will not transfer them as such. This part is funny though: The exact file count was 32,233. It came down to 42 files which Vista said were too long to transfer. Knowing my memory is not that good, to hold 42 file clues, I figured I'd use SnagIt to capture each one, whatever information the window gave me, and then manually move them. Lo and behold, as soon as I open SnagIt, there is an update available. I get the update, naturally. I didn't think it would make me close Windows Explorer, but it did. My connection to my server was lost, and I had to wait until it compared all 32,233 files to come back up with those files again so that I could move them. As I've said, if there is a mistake to be made, I generally don't miss a single one! LOL! But the issue is taken care of now, and the Linksys server no longer clicks and makes noises, so it was, in fact, Drive #2 that was bad right out of the box. When the replacement 1TB Seagate arrives, I'm fortunate enough to have 8 HD slots in my new machine with only 2 in use at the moment, both 1TB, so I'll just add the new one to that. Roxio 2009's "copy and convert" is still not working properly either on the Vista 54 Bit Ultimate OR XP Pro. I'm going to leave it on both machines until I sort out the problem. EMC 10 works fine on the XP Pro, so I'll just leave that one there. IMD
  2. IMD

    Video Convert Roxio 2009

    Well, the DivX for 2009 didn't work for me on XP Pro SP3 either. I'll have to try the other features back and forth. Funny, but I have a 49.00 program that does it just great, without a hitch. DivX and a multitude of others, iPod, iPhone, all kinds. Maybe I'm just too tired. indy
  3. IMD

    Video Convert Roxio 2009

    BTW, my image restore on the Vista went back prior to the installation of Roxio 2009 so that I would be SURE it was a CLEAN install. If you aren't lucky enough to have an image restore prior to the installation, but the uninstalling and the reinstalling hangs up and caused dozens of reboots. Anyway, as I type a movie is caching on the XP machine. That is the only way I can tell if it is a but with the 64 bit Vista Ultimate, or just a problem in general with 2009. If it works on the XP system, then that kind of narrows it down for the programmers at Roxio/Sonic? No? No one wants to have that mammoth program on two computers if they have anything else to do. If I make a film out of stills and clips and stuff, I want to make it on the faster system. This one. Whereas still editing takes time and patience, so the other machine does beautifully for that, especially with all the big programs except Photoshop and the like gone. So finding the answer to this is important to me, I can't speak for anyone else. Indy
  4. IMD

    Video Convert Roxio 2009

    I'm only leaving Roxio 2009 (still didn't take them up on their offer of a refund so I could get Ultimate) haven't had the time. But I agree, something wildly wrong with it. I left it on the XP Pro computer just to see if there was anything different between the XP Pro installation and the Vista 64 bit installation. So far I haven't even't tried it on the XP Pro one, because that is not the system where it will stay. The Copy and convert was so bad, I had to do a clean install on the 64 bit Ultimate Vista, because no matter what I tried after copy & convert, it would make my system automatically reboot. So I did a clean install. Now it cache's the movie, but I choose DivX (btw I was only trying to test my wattage use when making the processors work) and save to file, and it zips past 10 100% but saves NADA. I even went back to an image restore because when you do try to do a regular install on the Vista system after that happens, it hangs up either on 3.5 .NET or Smart Sound, one or the other, but then it just hangs forever. I had little choice but to go back to 9/25, and now I have to reinstall Audition and a bunch of other big programs. ::::someone hand me a crying towel::::: and at the same time, as luck would have it, drive 2 on my Linksys server died. Following tech instructions, they had me remove my mirror, so of course I lost everything. Had to run out tonight to Best Buy to get another, because I'm not waiting 6 weeks for Seagate to return a brand new 1TB HD. I'll just stick the replacement in the new system. Okay, So the Vista system came with EMC 9 installed, and I don't use that at all, just haven't uninstalled it yet. But I'm going to go over to the XP Pro system and try to DivX a movie to see what happens. Now don't get your feathers all in a ruffle about my having it installed in more than one place. I'm going to remove it from the XP System as soon as I get it working in here. I just can't have any more speakers or peripherals in here, so I'm going to bare-bone the XP until everything is comfortably settled on the new system. In other words, the XP System has no speakers attached, so it will be used strictly for graphics and other non-noise making things I'll let you know if I have any luck with the copy and convert on that system. Indy
  5. IMD

    Solved The Problem!

    Now I KNOW why I'm crazier'n most I'm surrounded by the darn things. This will show you just how crazy I am: I use an encryption program for certain messages. Only this one (and it is supposed to be the best) is now so good that it invisibly does this. I know it does because I tested it out on the clipboard in Outlook. Just uses the keys on your keyring and to you it looks quite normal. But I'm not happy with that, I like it the old way whereby I cannot read a thing! LOL! So here I go again with a 336 page users guide (and I've had several previous versions of this software), and my eyeballs are falling out already...but being compulsive-obsessive, I know I won't fall asleep until I find what I'm looking for, along with that Tim Allen Santa Clause I DVD I had in my hand yesterday ;) ...sad, but true! Indy
  6. What a scary thought! Can human breast milk be pasteurized? Egads, this really is a disgusting thought. I love animals, but I cannot see where it is inhumane to milk a cow! PETA should stick to trying to get the process whereby veal is created outlawed and banned. To me that is one of the most inhumane things ever. And get rid of animal testing for cosmetic purposes. I can understand (even though I don't like to think about it) the need for testing for drugs that might save lives, or operations that might save lives, but for COSMETICS? Phooey. Get some volunteers and pay them. Watched a documentary years ago showing what makes veal veal. Never bought nor ordered it again. Won't even allow it in the house. Guilty as a carnivore, but that just goes beyond the boundaries of cruelty. IMD
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    Since This Is General Chat

    I solved it. I did post it under a new topic because this hadn't been passed through yet, but there IS an answer, I am happy to say...now could someone send me a wig to replace the hair I pulled out in the process? IMD
  8. IMD

    Solved The Problem!

    In a previous post I outlined the problems encountered trying to experiment copying the c: drive to an external, and ending up with a RAW formatted external in the process. After typing out my post, it dawned on me that I had lost the hidden partitions, system partition, microsoft reserved, and basic data. So I went into DOS, typed in the proper commands to recreate and size those partitions, went back into Disk Management and deleted any extra partitions, and the formatting went through, it is back to NTFS, and I can read and write to it without a hitch. I did this just using the diskpart utility. Made sure I didn't do it on my new system LOL! Don't know about anyone else, but every bit of knowledge gained is a plus in my book. If anyone else finds themselves with this particular problem, you can PM me and I'll type it out step by step. The reason I say this is because I saw MANY posts out there, doing a search, whereby people found themselves with a RAW partition or entire disk, and there simply were no good answers out there. Just love solving problems IMD
  9. Yes, I've checked the techie boards, Microsoft, and spent a lot of time on this...getting nowhere. Been in touch with Seagate/Maxtor...but hey, maybe one of you (or more) can see the forest for the trees, because I guess I'm blinded after so many tries: What I ATTEMPTED to do (and I admit it was an experiment) was to copy the C: drive on an old Gateway of mine onto a Maxtor. Which I did. I used the "copy my disk" function of a popular utilities suite. Then, what my goal was, was to run this silly game through the Dimension 9150 and retire the Gateway. It is a java applet and through an inline frame on another server, directs the player to my Gateway, only the Gateway needs retiring. In other words, I was going to try to have it run through the Dimension remotely. An experiment. Only what happened was, a perfectly good and fuctioning Maxtor is now basically unusable. I had to end up rebuilding the Gateway and putting in another room to run the game, complete with a new C: drive, of course. SO: Here is what happened. After I did the "copy my drive" from C: to the Maxtor, he Maxtor, once plugged in, would basically stop any system, even the Vista Ultimate 64 bit. XP Pro SP3, I tried all of them. As a last resort, I plugged it into the back of my Linksys server and had THAT format it. I knew it was dangerous territory, and I didn't care if the data on it were wiped, and the reason it was dangerous was that it had been formatted as NTFS, and Linksys put it back to FAT32. Or so I thought. That is what it SAID, anyway. If it HAD worked, I'd progress... Once back to FAT32, I thought I'd just plug it back into one of the other computers and format it back to NTFS. Guess what? Shows up in Disk Management as no format, healthy, and with a disk letter...but doesn't show any file system type. Every attempt to format goes through 100%, then tells me it failed. But the disk itself is healthy (did diagnostics). Through DOS, I found out that it went to RAW file system. I tried formatting through DOS. I deleted partitions, added, deleted...all going in circles and still unable to get it back to a readable NTFS file system. Okay, it's a brain-buster. The Maxtor is only 300 GB and if I lose it I won't cry, but solving this puzzle would be some knowledge worth having. Willing to try ideas; after all, it is just an experiment and the Maxtor is only one of dozens of externals, so I just let things run on it while I do other things, trying to get it back. Basically nothing can read it while it is a RAW formatted disk. So offer up your ideas, if any, I've tried dozens already. Yes, I did try booting from CD and using utilities to wipe everything and start over, but it even stopped THAT from working. It is a matter of just wanting to solve the problem If we break the Maxtor doing it, so be it. Going to try another idea this morning; booting from the XP Pro CD and trying to install the operating system on that Maxtor simply for the file structure. If that works, then I'll reformat it again. I might not be able to load the OS on there, but it is worth a shot. IMD
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    Help With Playing Cds In My Stereo

    Did you finalize the disk? Indy
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    A Treat For You

    <removed by Patrick>
  12. In addition, and this is an important point I neglected to mention above, so I hope you read this too. I went in through control panel>add remove programs (you have to have administrator power to do this) and removed all of the instances I could. You run the tool after that. Make sure you turn off your automatic updates until you have finished the procedures outlined in my previous post, otherwise you'll be inundated with updates that will just go in circles. You can turn them back on after the procedures above, and it will then update fine. IMD
  13. Okay, been about a week of solid working on getting 2009 installed on this machine, but it was a tangled web. First of all, when I couldn't install it on this machine (a Dell 9150), I had to install it onto my T43p, just to see if it was my system, the operating system or wherever the problem may be. I don't want it on my notebook, and will take it off later today. I don't like anything cluttering up my notebook, and certainly don't burn anything from it. But the point was, I needed to compare. The point was, it installed perfectly and without a problem on the notebook. Both systems are running XP Pro. I tested with and without SP3, alternating. I can do that because I make image backups, but it takes hours to restore, and I mean six hours or so. After extensive searching on the net for answers as to why MY system was encountering two errors, a) a .NET framework issue and b.) the old Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (KB948109) issue...I found dozens and dozens and dozens of techie posts, and was in touch with Microsoft many times...seems I was certainly NOT the only one with these issues. The only way I could get Roxio 2009 to install on this computer was to resolve these issues first, and none of the suggested articles and procedures worked. First I had to remove all instances of .NET framework. The tool that Microsoft gives you to do this (msicuu2.exe) does NOT remove all of .NET framework instances, even though they say it does. It doesn't. I'm trying to save you endless hours of frustrating tedium here. When I checked out the techie answers, they wanted you to change your registry and everything else under the sun, believe me, that isn't the way to go. And if you don't run an actual IMAGE backup of your system and have your BIOS set to boot from CD, and have a bootable CD prepared to boot to a restore image...don't try this at home kiddies I have heard that with Vista that isn't necessary. I cannot say as I am currently using XP Pro. It will be one of the first things I check out when my new system arrives. Google (because I forgot the link) cleanup_tool.exe (it has no viruses) and use it TWICE. Using it one time will leave 1.0 and 1.1 still on your system. After you reboot, Google SQL Server 2005, and it will take you to a Microsoft page where you can download the bootstrap edition of SQL server, and you will then proceed to install each version of .NET framework again, and you can manually install if you choose. Once I did that, all of the framework instances went in fine, and I no longer had the KB948109 update non-installation problem. Now Roxio installed on here beautifully, and no errors. So now I can take it off of my notebook. I solved all of this stuff by carefully watching my error logs, both in Windows, and the .NET framework error log. But guess what? I'll have to remove it from here as well soon because I have a new computer being built that will run Vista 64 bit, and that is where I'll want Roxio 2009 to reside, because it will have 2 Blu Ray burners installed. Actually, the new system will probably take a few weeks because it is a very high-end system and not one they are likely to have sitting around (Dell). I see a lot of mention of "Ultimate" here for Roxio, but I can't recall being offered that. I'll have to check it out. As far as I know I just have Roxio 2009. I sincerely hope that my week or more of solid work to resolve these issues actually helps someone else. The funny part is I'll have to leave it on here just long enough to make sure that it installs on the new system correctly before I can take it off of here. All that work, and I'm going to take it off! LOL! But I hope it helps someone. IMD
  14. Good, then I misunderstood someone else's post. Now to find out what is wrong on MY machine. This is another machine because the Dell on which the problem resides is doing a restore. This is a notebook and I do not have any of Roxio's stuff on it. IMD
  15. Grandpa, I don't understand what is going on. I've tried all sorts of things. I'm thinking the problem lies somewhere in the Net Framework. I've removed every version, I've gone to SP3, I've reinstalled every version...and now going back to square one with a Save & Restore from three days ago as I started to remove framework versions in between last night and today. SIGH. I think if i didn't have so many broken bones healing, I'd kick the computer! IMD