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    Emc 9 Product Key Issue In Windows 10

    Thanks for the quick answer. The product is Easy Media Creator 9 and I did get the product key from my account. But as you say it doesn't matter if it's not compatible with Win 10 but I was just "curious" as to why it would reject both key #'s that I have! I guess it's time to upgrade.
  2. I had to uninstall my version of Creator 9 and when I tried to install it again I got the message that the product key # that I was using is incorrect. I checked the list of my registered products in my account and noticed that the key listed with the product is different than the one in the dvd set so I tried with that one but got the same message. How can I find the correct key #? Is there a file on the disc where I can look up the key #? I upgraded to Win 10; is that the problem? Thanks for any assistance. Techrookie
  3. Techrookie

    DVD Menu with more than 6 chapters

    I was creating the DVD from within Videowave which uses MyDVD Express. I did the project using MyDVD and I can see the menu tree on the left. Thanks a lot for the help.
  4. I created a production with 10 different chapters and the issue I have is when I want to make a change to chapter titles 1 to 6 when I am on the second menu page I must delete the movies on page 2 to get back to page 1 of the menu. Is there an easier way to go back and forth between the 2 menu pages without having to delete? Thanks for any assistance on this......
  5. Techrookie

    Dvd Read Errors

    Hi I recovered my files except for 1 which was bad using the following free program: http://www.roadkil.net/program.php?ProgramID=29 It very easy to use and worked well. There are other apps on the site which could be usefull. Thanks again for the help.
  6. Techrookie

    Dvd Read Errors

    Thanks. I'll give one of these a try.
  7. Techrookie

    Dvd Read Errors

    I copied a number of pictures to a DVD before re-installing Vista and since there were a lot (4.38GB out of the 4.7) I created 3 folders. When I try to read the DVD in Windows Explorer it hangs for a long time and finally I see the folders listed but when I try to access one Explorer hangs again then stops responding. I ran the CRC read test in Roxio DVDInfo Pro and got the errors below: Drive - TSSTCORPDVD+-RW TS-L632D Media ID Code - SONY S11 Media Type - DVD+RW Read Error list 1. Error - LBA = 001d4c00h 2. Error - LBA = 001d4c01h 3. Error - LBA = 001d4c02h 4. Error - LBA = 001d4c03h 5. Error - LBA = 001d4c04h 6. Error - LBA = 001d4c05h 7. Error - LBA = 001d4c06h 8. Error - LBA = 001d4c07h 9. Error - LBA = 001d4c08h 10. Error - LBA = 001d4c09h 11. Error - LBA = 001d4c0ah 12. Error - LBA = 001d4c0bh 13. Error - LBA = 001d4c0ch 14. Error - LBA = 001d4c0dh 15. Error - LBA = 001d4c0eh 16. Error - LBA = 001d4c0fh 17. Error - LBA = 001d4c10h 18. Error - LBA = 001d4c11h 19. Error - LBA = 001d4c12h 20. Error - LBA = 001d4c13h 21. Error - LBA = 001d4c14h 22. Error - LBA = 001d4c15h 23. Error - LBA = 001d4c16h 24. Error - LBA = 001d4c17h 25. Error - LBA = 001d4c18h 26. Error - LBA = 001d4c19h 27. Error - LBA = 001d4c1ah 28. Error - LBA = 001d4c1bh 29. Error - LBA = 001d4c1ch 30. Error - LBA = 001d4c1dh 31. Error - LBA = 001d4c1eh 32. Error - LBA = 001d4c1fh 33. Error - LBA = 001d4c40h 34. Error - LBA = 001d4c41h 35. Error - LBA = 001d4c42h 36. Error - LBA = 001d4c43h 37. Error - LBA = 001d4c45h 38. Error - LBA = 001d4c46h 39. Error - LBA = 001d4c47h 40. Error - LBA = 001d4c48h 41. Error - LBA = 001d4c50h 42. Error - LBA = 001d4c51h 43. Error - LBA = 001d4c52h 44. Error - LBA = 001d4c53h 45. Error - LBA = 001d4c54h 46. Error - LBA = 001d4c55h 47. Error - LBA = 001d4c56h 48. Error - LBA = 001d4c57h 49. Error - LBA = 001d4c58h 50. Error - LBA = 001d4c59h 51. Error - LBA = 001d4c5ah 52. Error - LBA = 001d4c5bh 53. Error - LBA = 001d4c5ch 54. Error - LBA = 001d4c5dh 55. Error - LBA = 001d4c5eh 56. Error - LBA = 001d4c5fh 57. Error - LBA = 001d4c90h Is there a way to correct these errors or get rid of them so that I can read what's on the rest of the disk? I have over 1000 pics on there and I need to retrieve them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (If I should post in a different forum let me know please). Thanks a lot.
  8. Techrookie

    SVCD burning issue

    I was expecting some kind of message to be displayed. Thanks to all for your help.
  9. Techrookie

    SVCD burning issue

    Ok but after it runs it sets the rendeting to "hardware" so why wouldn't it work when I try to burn in that setting? Thanks.
  10. Techrookie

    SVCD burning issue

    The rendering was set to "hardware" and after I changed it I was able to burn the DVD. I also ran the graphics test in the same section but I am not sure what it's telling me. It goes by fast and there is no "result" that I can see anywhere. Thanks a lot for the help. Maybe I should spend some more time studying the help topics!!!
  11. Techrookie

    SVCD burning issue

    OK here goes: Dell Inspiron E1505 Windows Vista Home Premium 1.6 GHz processor 2MB Ram 80 GB hard drive On-board video The project I am trying to burn has 2 photos & 2 video clips; I created a test project with just 1 of the video clips and was able to burn that one without changing the menu so some small progress although I am not sure what that tells me. Thanks for the help.
  12. Techrookie

    SVCD burning issue

    I tried to burn the project to a DVD and got the same result; the program freezes and after a while the "program not responding" box pops up. After I close the program I see the .exe file in the "processes" tab of the Task Manager but I cannot end the process there either. I cannot do a "restart" so I must shut down the machine. I get the same result if I try to do this directly from MYDVD. I had previously burned photo slideshows to DVD's so I am a litlle baffled as to what the problem is. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Techrookie

    SVCD burning issue

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop.
  14. Techrookie

    SVCD burning issue

    When I try to burn a small video file in an SVCD format either in Videowave or DVD Express the pc (Dell Inspiron) just hangs forever; I cannot even end the process via the task manager or even by turning off the machine. The only solution is to remove the battery and then start over. I was able to burn the file in VCD format but the quality is not that great. I have burned a number of DVD's without any problems. Has anyone experienced a similar problem and is there a solution? I am running Vista. Thanks for any assistance.
  15. Techrookie

    Unknown capture error

    I used the firewire and it worked fine. Thanks for your assistance grandpabruce. Hopefully I can make some decent movies.