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  1. Man I am I confused. I always get this because I am the first to get everything. I have popcorn 3, and have updated it to 3.0.2, a Tivo Series 3, Tivo Desktop 1.9.3 and Leopard. Should this work? I can't see my tivo when I launch the "tivo transfer for popcorn" program. I don't remember where I saw it but I saw something about tivo desktop 2.0 and tivo desktop plus, but I can't find it anywhere (first place I looked was the roxio site). Is that the problem?
  2. jimthedj

    is there another problem? Tivo series 3

    I know. Since I am owner of Popcorn 3 now, I felt I needed to tell everyone that this combination of hardware and software doesn't work (yet, i have hope), even though roxio implies that it does.
  3. jimthedj

    is there another problem? Tivo series 3

    Looks like I answered my own question. But now I am NOT happy. THIS IS MISLEADING. A Tivo 3 does have TivotoGo for the PC, so it IS compatible. The directTV DVR's they are referring to do not have TivotoGo for the PC either. Therefor there is no way I would think my Tivo series 3 would not be compatible. from http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/popcorn/...quirements.html * TiVoToGo requires a TiVo® Series2™ or other TiVoToGo compatible DVR connected directly to your Mac or to your home network. This will not work with DIRECTV with TiVo DVRs. See www.tivo.com for more information. Bit only on the TOAST 8 sales page does it say, in VERY small print... http://partner.roxio.com/enu/oem/tivotoast/default.html * TivoToGo is not yet available on Series3 HD If I would have know this I would not have purchased this. This needs to be on the Popcorn page also!!! I feel i have been ripped off. I purchased this software for no other reason.