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  1. Hello.. I've provided many EMC 9 slideshows to my clients with no problem. Recently a customer has complained that their slideshow I have provided is blurry/pixelated when playing on a TV (I've not yet received back to confirm this). I understand from reading this forum that one would expect EMC 9 slideshow played on a PC to be blurry (although thats a seperate question altogether...whats best to make a none blurry/sharp PC slideshow?). I tested this slideshow on a normal CRT tv before dispatch + it was fine, would you expect the slideshow to be blurry if played on a LCD or plasma TV?...if so is there a fine of satisfying this sort of requirement. The clients expectation is a pin sharp slideshow of 50 of their images on a DVD to be used on any TV. many thanks for your advice.