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    Music Disc Creator Playlist

    I spoke to Napster, and they said that the tunes that I had downloaded are still "current," and should perform as before. They also said that the songs play on the Media Player, they are fine, and shouldn't be locked up only on the Roxio playlists.
  2. Hiker Man

    Music Disc Creator Playlist

    In an attempt to re-record an mp3 for my car (the first disc failed-heat in summer?) many of the titles will not record because "the license has expired." Well, some of the songs came from my personal cd collection, so a license was not involved. I re-downloaded some of the songs I got from Napster, with the apporpriate licenses. Al of these songs play fine on windows media player, but still come up with a lock symbol when placed in the playlist, and therefore will not record. Why? Even if I re-purchased the songs, or re-recorded from my cd's, I'm not sure anything would change. Help?
  3. Hiker Man

    License Problem With My Own Cd

  4. Hiker Man

    License Problem With My Own Cd

    Yes, I can play them on the computer. A couple of years ago, all of the songs from this purchased CD (and many others) were recorded to the computer. From there, some were added to the playlist, along with tunes purchased from Napster, and subsequently recorded down to my MP3 CD with no problems. Now, just a few of the songs in the playlist pop up with this message about not having the licence, which was never an issue before, and shouldn't be now. The reason I don't try to record from the original CD is because it took me forever to compile the playlist in the first place. Now I don't have the time to re-invent the wheel, if, and when, I run into this problem when I expand my new '40's playlist. There are hundreds of songs stored in the computer. Methinks Roxio has made it more difficult to create playlists, which sould be eaiser to do now.
  5. Hiker Man

    License Problem With My Own Cd

    Never used 11. No licencing involved with my own CD from which the songs were recorded. Songs taken directly from my original playlst.
  6. Hiker Man

    License Problem With My Own Cd

    A couple of years ago I created a MP3 disk using EMC7. I "upgraded" to EMC9, and I now want to split the era's (40's and 50's music) into two seperate MP3's. All of the information is still on my hard drive, and the titles drag to the new playlist ok. The problem is that when I try to record the newly created playlist, I get a message on several songs that the licence for those songs is invalad, and those songs won't record. Swell, but these are from my own collection, and I've never had this problem before. Also, the songs I got from Napster are not giving me a problem. What gives? I debate if this was an actual upgrade, or a downgrade on the part of Roxio. Hikerman
  7. Can't re-install as the writer won't recognize that there is a disc in the drive.
  8. No, there is no Roxio listed anywhere in the device manager. I was using the Creator9 until I uninstalled it. Now I am just trying to do a Quicken backup as I have always done, but, as mentioned before, the drive no longer recognizes the fact that there is a disc in the drive (solid blue disc, 0 bytes used, 0 bytes available). After getting rid of the Roxio, I installed the Nero that came with the Sony DVD RW dru-710A (thinking it might have some magical properties that would "freshen" up the disc), and now it won't even recognize a previously recorded disc, or even a commercially recorded disc. EEEEKKKKK.
  9. Thanks, but I already went through that. I did recheck, however, and everything is cool.
  10. Didn't. So that you know, am using Dell w/XP, and the writer is a Sony DRU-710A.
  11. I removed it from the device manager. I'm sure I disabled it in Disc Image, but I've been doing this so much, I can't remember where I found Disc Image loader to check on that. I went through all of this in V 7, but I was guided by Roxio live support, which I can't afford now that they are charging for the privlage for them to tell me how THEIR program messed up my recorder. I have gone through an e-mail I got from them in August on how to remove all of Roxio stuff, which worked thern, but that still hasn't helped. Bottom line, I still can't record on the Sony DRU-710A, though it plays just fine.
  12. Thanks. I figured out the V 9. Can you guess I'm new at this. I found and uninstalled the Roxio SCSI, and I will re-boot and try again tommrow, as the hour grows late. I'll let you know the results then. Thanks again.
  13. As noted, I uninstalled Roxio, so am unable to use their prograom to fix problem. And what is V 9?
  14. Device manager would only disable it, so it came back on re-boot. Where do I find Disc Image loader?