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    no drive detected

  2. KarenP

    Problem in writing to the disc

    im a newbie but was advised to uninstall drag to disc as it may have compatability issues this may help and use classic creator or another progam to burn Karen system specs vista and EMC9
  3. hello I am a beginner but was advised to uninstall drag to disc this fixed by problem with not being able to access my recorders D and E drive system specs windows vista and EMC9 cheers Karen
  4. Hello cd reporting back on "no drivers found" issue when I checked, i got the "all drivers working properly" message as I also saw this message in teh drag to disc box on the desk top I started a new topic quiry it was suggested that i uninstall drag to disc this fixed the problem i was also told that drg to disc is no included in EMC10 possibily a clue that it has compatability issues thank you so much again for your time Karen
  5. Hello I have a lovely project that previews beautifully thanks to all who have helped me had the same prob when tried to burn directly to disc and got to 97% then computer decided to stop working I now have "no recorders found "error messages when I try to burn to a disc using a number of different programs I will now burn it to a folder as grndpabruce has advised Q: can I save to my USB and burn on another computer using a non roxio program regards Karen
  6. KarenP

    drag to disc

    I now have this message in the roxio drag to disc box on my desk top "no recorder" i didnt have this before I saved my videowave project as an iso file to my computer (could be unrelated) any suggestions please Karen
  7. KarenP

    drag to disc

    OMG it worked I can burn again my recorders are back!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much Hello just wanted to report back many thanks for the suggestion but it didnt work for me thanks again for your time I really apprecite it regards KP
  8. KarenP

    drag to disc

    will do many thanks KP will do and will report back Thanks KP
  9. I tried both didnt work the box titled ATO chanel properties general setting- message"drive is working properly" under advanced settings there is nothing in the box at all nothing under target id device type or current mode do you know what this means please? Kp
  10. reporting back I downloaded my project to USB 9 due to (drivers not found error) couldnt burn it on our other computer -Nero not compatable I will look at my drivers tonight and report back but... at work found a computer which has NTI cd/dvd maker and it lead me thru the whole process and ejected me a perfect DVD for my friend fingers crossed it plays on her DVD player! and I actually has success with a smaller project of 40photos able to burn straight to the disc and it played on both of my DVD players. I will read some more postings about this before I ask a Q regards and thanks again cd KP
  11. Hello cd i really appreciate your reply i am going to try now sorry should add I have windows vista are instructions the same-sorry to have provided incomplete info i will add system specs details to my profile Karen
  12. KarenP

    My DVD slideshow position change

    Just a quick hello to let you know that I have had success with video wave I can make and save slide shows then open mydvd, add tehm in and move them around thanks for your time video wave definately gives more options Karen
  13. Can any one tell me if this can be done please? I created a slide show in my DVD and then another and another, then I realised that they were in the wrong order can I move then around or do I have to start again thanks Karen P
  14. KarenP

    My DVD slideshow position change

    Good morning Walt its 1.45am and Im finished, didnt get to read your reply so doing it all in one go was frustrating i have the hang of it now and its a good program when you get to now it Im hoping you can still help me as I got a burning error when tried to burn from mydvd any tips? i tried drg to disc if it hasnt worked will try tomorrow going to bed now many thnks KP Hello Bruce used video wave (started in general slide show as i could tick pan and zoom for all photos) have myself one mighty fine project to burn! just have to work out how to do that! many thanks karen and thanks Walt once i had added my slide shows I could move them around into any order thanks again Karen
  15. KarenP

    My DVD slideshow position change

    OK im going home now to try it will report back tomorrow many thanks This is my first time using EMC9 and Im making a DVD for my friend of her USA photos Karen
  16. KarenP

    Getting rid of this thing

    hello we are basic computer uses just wnting to play and burn the occassional slide show we had the same prob we ininstalled roxio used registry easy and did a clean up and all was fine(drives should up again) then installed roxio again I was ready to throw it out the window(the computer that is and Roxio close behind)
  17. how frustrating for you! did you go back to whereyou purchased it? they should replace it for you let me know please good to know what to do if the product was faulty good luck KP
  18. KarenP

    My DVD slideshow position change

    many thanks I was gettting so close to burning that I didnt want to start again if I use video wave can I import to my DVD? thanks again KP
  19. KarenP

    My DVD slideshow position change

    I went to my DVD designed the menu page and went on to add a slide show and you create it there and then they are holiday photos from 5 discs so I want 5 slide shows how should I do this? thanks Karen
  20. KarenP

    Transfer of a slide show

    Hello I did the same thing I made a slide slow using photos from a CD when I tried to re open it said no photos found I then saved the photos to a folder on my computer and tried again and it works and yes you will need to transfer the photos aswell I tried to do the same after saving a slide to my USB drive and error-no photos found hope this helps karen
  21. Thanks to Joe I have done it Joe you are the best!!! Ok this is what I did uninstall EMC9 run disc cleanup run registry easy (it automatically backs up before detecting anf fixing) re load EMC9 open my DVD and say yes to activate and..... it worked!!! yes Im very excited PPPS dont say yes to install google tool bar as caused problems with the running of EMC9
  22. KarenP

    Invalid Activation Code

    Dear Joe will I have trouble with my product key (on the CD packet) when I go to reinstall? this clean up sounds serious I will try thanks Karen
  23. KarenP


    I am having this problem and all suggestins dont hrlp i cant see the 25 digit code in orange print i think this product ia lemon!!! have you had any luck yet with this??? KAren
  24. KarenP

    Invalid Activation Code

    Hi I cant see the activation code it is supposed t be in orange print? is there a solution for this? new glasses maybe? Thanks Kp
  25. KarenP

    Invalid Activation Code

    Hi Joe please help whe I follow all of the instructs for offline product activation no product key shows up in orange letters-am I blind? many thanks Karen