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    Creator 2009 Homepage Too Large For My Screen

    Yes, that works to an extent. Thanks. There is just some of the bottom hidden by the taskbar and part of the right hand side of the 'do more' panel which is not visible. At least I can access the close button at the top right hand.
  2. MikeCw

    Creator 2009 Homepage Too Large For My Screen

    I don't agree that this situation is acceptable. If I use normal dpi at 1024x768 on a 15 inch LCD screen, Wndows text is too small for me to read easily. I do not have a problem with any other programs at my chosen dpi setting so why should I have to alter the dpi just to suit the Creator 2009 Home Page.
  3. MikeCw

    Creator 2009 Homepage Too Large For My Screen

    I have the same problem. The trouble is that if I reset the dpi to normal I can hardly read the text on screen at 1024x768. Why do we have to have this problem? I don't have it with other programs. What is more, even at normal dpi setting the display is partly obscured off the left hand side of the screen and I still cannot find a way of closing it except contol/alt/delete.
  4. MikeCw

    Window Size Too Large

    Resetting display settings to 96 dpi cured the problem.
  5. MikeCw

    Window Size Too Large

    Any screen within EMC 10 has this problem. Video card driver is up to date. I checked that specifically. I have not received any video card warnings. I have no problems with any other programs.
  6. MikeCw

    Window Size Too Large

    When I open EMC 10 the window is the correct size for the screen but if I minimize it and then maximize it again the window is larger than the screen and I cannot reduce it. Using the sizing menu which is brought up by right clicking on the Windows title bar at the top of the window has no effect. I am running Windows XP SP2 with a screen resolution of 1024/768. I have tried repairing the installation and completely reinstalling the progam.
  7. MikeCw

    WAV files not valid

    I have WAV files which play OK on Windows Media Player but when I try to add them to an audio CD project they are rejected with the message 'Not a valid or supported music file' which is clearly not correct.