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    Toast 11.1 Burning Speed Slow

    Interesting. It has worked for me every time I tried it. I do still have issues sometimes when trying to launch Toast, however. But burning seems to be just fine.
  2. mrsaxde

    Toast 11.1 Burning Speed Slow

    My experience with Toast 11 seems to be somewhat different than some other users, but here's something I tried that worked to improve burning speed: I use a lot of Verbatim +R DL, and their 2.4X discs will burn with some burners at up to 8X. After I updated Toast I was also getting very slow burn speeds. I went to the "Recorder" menu and selected "Recorder Settings" after inserting a blank disc. The burn speed menu offers speeds from 2X to 8X. I selected 8X and then went back to "Best." When I burned the disc it burned at 8X. All discs that I burned after that one continued to burn at the faster speed, too.
  3. mrsaxde

    Update Is Improperly Signed

    I got that message the first time I tried to download the update, but when I tried again everything was fine.
  4. mrsaxde

    Disappearing Drive...

    I mentioned this in another thread. Since upgrading to Mountain Lion my internal Pioneer Blu Ray burner sometimes does not show up, in Toast, in "About This Mac," or anywhere else. I don't know about the external drive issue, but mine is not related to Toast at all. The only way I have found to get the burner to show up is to shut down the computer completely (just restarting doesn't work) and then start it again. Then the drive appears.
  5. I burn at least one disc every day, and I haven't had any issues with incomplete burns with 11.0.6
  6. Here's a further update to my posts from earlier. I am finding that Toast 11 seems to work just fine if it is the first program you open after a restart. There's also a possibility that another app breaks Toast. I'm wondering if Safari is the culprit, as I am using Firefox now and Toast is having no issues. I have also had Quicken Essentials open along with Toast 11 with no problems. Earlier I had Mail, Safari, and Unison open and Toast wouldn't even launch. Phuqit, I am having a bit of a similar problem to yours with one of my drives. I have a Mac Pro with an Apple Super Drive in the top bay, and a Pioneer Blu Ray drive in the bottom bay. I noticed since I installed Mountain Lion that sometimes the Blu Ray drive doesn't show up. The only way to get it to appear is to shut down the Mac completely, then restart. After that everything appears to be ok.
  7. A quick followup to my last post. I updated Toast 10 to 10.0.9, and it launched ok. Before I did anything with it, I restarted my computer and tried Toast 11. After the restart, with Toast 11.0.6 being the only program open, it seems to be working ok.
  8. Ditto what Drawbridge said. Toast 11.0.6 has to be force quit every time I try to open it. Funny thing is, I opened it right after installing Mountain Lion yesterday and it opened just fine. I'm going to try going back to 10.0.9, which the site someone referred to above says works ok. I tried 10.0.8, which I currently have installed as well as 11.0.6, and it didn't work either. Also going to look for that 11.1 beta. I love Toast, but Roxio support is not exactly world class. :-/
  9. Almost every time I try to burn a disc using the "VIDEO_TS compilation" option in Toast 10 I get the drop down message that says the disc is copy protected. What I am trying to burn are rips of old homemade VHS tapes that are definitely not copy protected. When I try to burn them using the "data" option they burn fine. The problem is I want to put more than one of them on each disc because they are pretty small individually. I remember older versions of Toast had this issue too. Any suggestions/workarounds/fixes?? I am using Toast 10.0.7 Thanks!
  10. mrsaxde

    VIDEO-TS Error

    I burned three or four discs and checked them each because of that error message. They all appeared to be fine...both audio and video.
  11. mrsaxde

    VIDEO-TS Error

    Just posted a comment about this in another thread. The same thing happens when you drag an .ISO image to the Toast window. You can go ahead and the burn seems to be fine, you just have that annoying alert box you have to close. I'm back on 10.0.4 for now. (And I didn't know about the issues with Toast and system 10.6 because I downgraded from that very shortly after installing it, too! From my point of view, 10.6 looks a little like Apple's version of Vista.)
  12. mrsaxde

    Toast 10.0.5 - is this for real?

    Downloaded Toast 10.0.5 last night, went back to Toast 10.0.4 today. Every time I drag an ISO image to the Toast window, I now get a message that it is in an unsupported format and can't be added. Then it gets added and the burn can proceed, but in between I have an annoying alert box to close. 10.0.4 worked fine for me, so I guess I'll wait for 10.0.6
  13. mrsaxde

    Error Message...what Does It Mean?

    Occasionally when I burn a disc, at the end of the burn Toast will write the leadout, but before it asks whether I want to verify the disc I get an error "Could not complete the last command because of a mac os error" I can't find any info about this. When I do a "compare" on the original and the copy they are either identical or the VIDEO_TS.IFO and BUP files indicate a data mismatch. Can anyone tell me what happens to cause this error?
  14. I have had similar problems to what you describe since upgrading to 10.5. I was certain that the problem was an incompatibility between the system and Toast 8.0.3, until I tried doing some burns while running 10.4 which I still had installed on a second internal hard drive. The first few burns went ok, then I started getting the same errors again. I even went out and replaced my old Sony burner with an OWC Mercury burner (Pioneer DVR-115D mechanism). Still the same problems. And I forgot to mention that they are almost exclusively related to burning DL discs. Single layer discs seem to be fine.
  15. mrsaxde

    Progress Bar Problems Toast 8.0.3

    Ever since I upgraded to Toast 8.0.3 the progress bar doesn't work right when burning a double layer DVD. Sometimes it will show progress up to a certain point in the burn, then freeze. It does the same thing when verifying the DVD. The time remaining counter continues to work while burning, but when I let it verify the disc I have no idea of how long before the verification will be done. The application seems to continue doing what it is supposed to do, it's just the progress bar isn't working. I'm running OS X 10.4.11 Anybody else have this problem?