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    Photoshop Elements Error

    Hi, Has anyone with Toast 11 Pro had installation issue with Photoshop Elements on a second Mac that they own. The error I get is "Installer failed to initialize. Please download Adobe Support to detect the problem". I am posting on this forum because it came bundled with Toast 11. Davis
  2. davidcc1

    Menus Blank

    All is well now. I used Onyx to clean all font caches
  3. davidcc1

    Menus Blank

    Did that and still the same thing. I have given up and will use Toast 9 instead. Thanks for trying, much appreciated.
  4. davidcc1

    Menus Blank

    Thanks for your continued support. I used Font Doctor X to clean all cashed font files and Arial Narrow is working well with Illustrator, Freehand and other Programs. Maybe I should reinstall from the actual DVD that came in the box and see what happens.
  5. davidcc1

    Menus Blank

    I followed Roxio's instructions on completely uninstalling Toast 10 and re-installed Toast 10 and the same thing. I still have Toast 9 which works, so I guess I should be happy.
  6. davidcc1

    Menus Blank

    Thanks for helping. Trashed the plist and preference file and relaunched. Same thing. Maybe I am trashing the wrong files. Can you let me the know the exact names of the files?
  7. davidcc1

    Menus Blank

    Hello, When I launch Toast 10 to burn an Audio CD, all the options are blank. For example, under the Audio section, I do not see Audio CD, Music CD, MP3 Disc and Enhanced Audio CD. All I get are blank boxes, but I can read the description when I click on the "i" symbol. I do not have this issue with Toast 9. Can someone help me? Thanks, David
  8. davidcc1

    Blu-Ray Firmware Update Instructions

    Hello, I am in the process of updating the firmware for my OPPO Blu-Ray BDP-83 player and pasted below are the instructions for burning a CD Firmware disc from their site. Can someone please advise me the steps to use for Toast 10. Many Thanks, David Firmware Upgrade via CD If you requested a firmware CD from OPPO customer service, jump to step 5 of this procedure. You may also follow steps 2 - 4 to burn a firmware CD. Click here to download the firmware CD image file BDP-83-48-1224-CD-Image.iso. Use your favorite CD/DVD burning software to burn a firmware disc from the downloaded CD image file. While doing this, make sure you are not creating a new data disc, but burning from the already-created ISO CD image. Please consult your CD burning software's help/instruction manual for more information on how to do this. Some general instruction for common CD burning software is listed below. After the disc is burned, verify on the computer that the disc now contains a UPG folder, and inside the UPG folder there are files BDP-83.BIN, BDP-83.SIGN, DVD.BIN, DVD430.BIN and MCU83-1.BIN. This is your firmware disc. Turn on your TV display and the OPPO player. Make sure that there is no disc in the player and no USB device is connected to the player.
  9. davidcc1

    10.0.6 released

    Hi All, 10.0.6 is released.
  10. davidcc1

    Double Layer DVD write faild!

    Have you tried Verbatim media? I find that it is the only brand that works for me with double layer burning.
  11. davidcc1

    VIDEO-TS Error

    Thanks for the update.
  12. davidcc1

    VIDEO-TS Error

    Hope that Roxio posts an update to fix this issue.
  13. davidcc1

    VIDEO-TS Error

    Video/VIDEO-TS folder to burn a DVD
  14. davidcc1

    VIDEO-TS Error

    When I updated to Toast 10.0.5 on my Macs at home and at my office, I get the error message " VIDEO TS is in an unsupported format and could not be added. The same VIDEO TS folder works in Toast 9 and also works when I downgraded back to 10.0.4 The VIDEO TS was created in DVD Studio Pro. Mac Pro OSX 10.5.8
  15. davidcc1

    Is Toast 10 What I Need?

    Have you tried changing the encoding preferences in iDVD from Best performance to Professional Quality?