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    iTune Show info for Tivo recordings

    If Tivo transfer saves them to disk and I manually add them to popcorn iTunes data is set correctly. So it's not a metadata problem. TAt least there is a work around for now (Thanks riddick021). It's just a pain, and an obvious bug that should have been cause, even with basic product testing... And by the way, Tivo Transfer is part of a Roxio product. It is sold by them, I PAID them, so they need to stand by it and support it. I don't care if Tivo originally wrote the code. I just want the product I paid for to work.
  2. Steve Reed

    iTune Show info for Tivo recordings

    I had expected a better quality product from ROXIO. Too bad. I will not give them another $49 for a half baked program like this. It does soo little already, at least it could add the videos to iTunes correctly... I will go shareware next time.
  3. Steve Reed

    Tivo Tranfer filenames

    Why does Tivo Transfer for PopCorn save shows with underscores and weird numbers at the end? The PC version for TivoToGo, saves them out in a nice readable format. Sample Roxio Tivo Transfer filename: Two_and_a_Half_Men_Shoes,_Hats,_Pickle_Jar_Lids_KFMBDT_1195534798.tivo Sample PC TivoToGo filename: Two and a Half Men - ''Putting Swim Fins on a Cat'' (Recorded Oct 22, 2007, KFMBDT).tivo Is there any chance this can be an option?
  4. Steve Reed

    iTune Show info for Tivo recordings

    Tivo transfer saves the show name, espisode name and some encoded number (I assume date/time info) as the filename. However, when popcorn adds them to iTunes, it just uses the encoded filename as the "show" filed, which means they are not groups but show properly. Or even ordered properly for viewing. When you set up syncing with iPhone or AppleTV you can choose specific shows to sync, but since each episode has a unique name, you have to manually select each episode. Is there a way to get the correct show name, episode id/description, and recording dates when adding it to iTunes?