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  1. I know I must be approaching this wrong. I buy Toast 11, not only for the DVD burning, but the 'add ons'. They Add ons do not work. I open trouble cases; 1306466 (9/2/11) and 1306466 (9/4/11) Issue 1) Simple: Transfer a Tivo recording, then try to add chapters when converting to iTunes. It crashes.... Issue 2) Audio Book builder works, hits a 'grace note' error, and drops out. So in the middle of 20 disk audiobook, you get an non-recoverable error, and need to start again. (mean while iTunes gets the track data just fine). Both of these issues I responded at least 6 times with detailed information. I was asked for the same information over and over. I had to re-explan the issue over and over. While waiting for responses from Roxio technical support, they try to close the ticket. Finally about 3 weeks ago both were closed, with a statement that there will be a fix in a release scheduled soon. No release, product still defective, They have my money, I have broken software. I reopened cases. Two very compelling things about the software was being able to transfer TiVo recordings add book marks for iTunes. And Take my Audio books (10 - 20 disks each) and make a iTunes files. I am well aware that all software has glitches, and that nothing is perfect, but I feel like I am being scammed on their support. Dose someone have a better approach, or is this just the way it is with this company, no support.
  2. Kevin Cossaboon

    Batch Video Converter Toast 11 Fail

    I am working with Roxio on it too.... they must have 'bots' doing some of the customer trouble ticket response, as 2 out of 5 of the replies were to fix TiVo download, which is not, never has been and not stated in the trouble as the trouble. The only thing I can think of is a bot that scans tickets for key words and pumps out FAQ resolutions. It is frustrating. But yesterday I got "we are transfering this issue to the next level of technical support." So might be on the way. Will update when I get a fix.
  3. Kevin Cossaboon

    Toast Audiobook Converter

    Thought that this was going to be a good feature of my newly purchased Toast Pro 11.... NOT so. 5 disks into a 12 disk audio book and, Toast reports a GRACE NOTE error, and drops out of the conversion. NO WAY to recover, start over is the only recourse. iTunes had no issue with the disk and using grace note to find the TTA, but Toast had an issue, no option to re-try, just oops, too bad, start again...... FYI beware.......
  4. Kevin Cossaboon

    Batch Video Converter Toast 11 Fail

    Downloaded video from TiVo via the Toast tools and using toast batch video converter to convert to iPad. This is on a 'good' mac - iCore7 iMac @ 3.4GHz, and a 256g SSD with 16G RAM - 10.7.1 It takes toast OVER 2 minutes to stop pin wheeling when I click the video tab for media. There is no memory issues, CPU is almost idle, and TOAST is using less than 6%, and no disk activity. Just that long to find 5 Tivo recordings that it downloaded. Drag a file to the convert target area, and click chapters, click manual, scrub to a point, click add, then start to scrub to the next, and CRASH!!!!!! Unexpected Error - Wrong FileCasheItem instance chooses for reading At least it was Unexpected, hate to have this as an expected error. 2 attempts same results..... Toast seems have toasted at this time.....
  5. Kevin Cossaboon

    MKV files seem unrationally slow to convert

    I would assume VisualHub. It was the best transcode ever made for the Mac. It can preserve 5.1 audio (and nether can PopCorn), but 85 minutes for a MKV file that took popcorn 18 hours. I can not believe I spent the money on Popcorn. I was hoping that by now there would be some support for this program. I opened a case last week for support on 5.1 audio and still heard nothing back.
  6. Kevin Cossaboon

    Popcorn 4 w. turbo h264HD vs. Handbrake

    I second this, I can not believe the limited support for 5.1 Audio. For corporations to compete with open source, they should be doing it fast and BETTER.
  7. Kevin Cossaboon

    MKV files seem unrationally slow to convert

    just bought Popcorn 4, and can not understand how slow it is, MKV file 8.4G 720P with DTS 5.1 -> Apple TV, can not find how to keep 5.1 audio -> Windows Media Advanced, there is a 5.1 Audio pick, and the file has been encoding for 20 hours, and is at 86%. 20 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!! and not done. The machine is a Mac Pro with 2 x 3GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processors and 8 Gig of Ram, with 4 x 1TB drives, (Source on one, Destination on another, temp on a third). CPU for the APPLE TV encoding never used more than 1 core CPU on the Windows Media is at 139%, with only 434Meg of Ram. 20 HOURS and still only 87% !!!!!!! OMG......... Kevin Cossaboon
  8. Has anyone had success with a HD file with DD5.1? In My Humble Opinion Roxio has broken software, is phrasing it 'some users', (which is true, only the ones that are using TTG with HD). I HOPE they are fixing it..
  9. Kevin Cossaboon

    TOAST 8.0.3 TiVo Transfers a PURE FRAUD?

    NOT TiVo Side. I get the same sync issues with NON-Tivo files. In the samples I ran, it seems to be the encoder on Roxio. This is probably why they are looking at permissions and stuff. If I take a file captured with MythTV, and use Toast to create a DVD, I get a Sync Issue. If I take a file from TiVo transfered with a shareware Application, use Compressor and DVD Pro, no Sync issue. Issues are with Roxio and their compressor.
  10. I tested a 1920 x 1080 MPEG 2 - 29.97fps DD5.1 file (not brought down with Tivo to Go) into Toast 8, and tried to make a DVD. === SAME Sync issue. 1920 x 1080 MPEG 2 - 29.97fps MPEG-1 Stereo Audio, (not brought down with Tivo to Go) === NO sync issue. 1920 x 1080 MPEG 2 - 29.97fps DD Stereo 48000Hz (TiVo to Go) === Sync Issue 528 x 480, MPEG 2 - 29.97 fps DD Stereo 48000 Hz (TiVo to Go)==== No Sync Issue seems Toast 8 is having issues with HD, and DD???. I will try a few more files. (like HD stereo from Tivo) Note: I took the 1920 x 1080 MPEG 2 - 29.97fps DD5.1 file, used Final Cut Studio tools (Compressor and DVD Pro) and created a DVD with DD5.1 and have no Sync issues, as Toast does.
  11. Kevin Cossaboon

    audio/video sync

    I tried this simple un-install, and it did not resolve the issue for me.
  12. Kevin Cossaboon

    TOAST 8.0.3 TiVo Transfers a PURE FRAUD?

    Are you not getting the audio sync issue?
  13. I have two TiVo HD units, both with fall updates. I have sync issues with programs from BOTH. I have only tried HD content. The files play fine on the Mac, but when encoding for iPOD or DVD the issue arises. I followed a suggestion to de-install (what fun that was ), and reinstall only the 8.0.3 update, issue is still present. I opened a case with Roxio, and have been told; "Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support We have also received feedback through beta testing that a limited number of TiVo users are still experiencing audio and video synchronization issues. We are continuing to work on a resolution for this problem and will provide more information as it becomes available."