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    Asian Characters In My Video Titles

    Thank you, Digital Master. That is exactly what my problem was. When I selected 'Edit'at the right of the Title listing, I saw all 3 lines that were avaiable and could edit them appropriately. Made my day!
  2. TravlersThree

    Asian Characters In My Video Titles

    I purchased some videos and wanted to burn them onto a DVD. The video format is 'wmv'. When I drag the file to the Toast 14 screen, a message pops up saying this is an Unsupported Format. I coverted the video to Quicktime and was able to burn and watch the video but the title of the video is in Asian characters. I selected all the characters and replaced them with the English title. Now both titles show up on the DVD. Why do I see Asian characters? How can I have only the English title display? Thanks for the help!