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  1. I appreciate your efforts very much. I guess will just have to wait until I get into another project with my new camera and C2012 to see if the matter has been resolved. BTW - I did try the "software" render and, other than the rendering process going much slower, the results were the same.
  2. Yes - it has always been Roxio or its predecessors. I have not tried any other programs.
  3. Yes, I must have as I can pull up an .iso file on my VLC to view it. I frequently look at my previously made movies that way. When I go to the drive that I store my movies on and click on a movie to play it automatically goes to VLC to play.
  4. Yes - thanks - I do have VLC and use it regularly. I also use it as another way of previewing movies before burning the discs. Someone in the forum - a long time ago - told me about VLC. I did not mean to post this twice
  5. Yes, thanks, I do have VLC and is one of the steps used in my process of previewing projects noted above. The problem movie played fine on the VLC.
  6. Let me respond to both Myguggi and Jim in this post: The problem project that started this thread was a project made entirely with clips from my new camcorder, color panels and music. [believe me, I did not want to buy a new camera but was forced to as my Sony HC 62, which was working fine, was stolen - it used tapes and I imported with firewire [all the result of info obtained on the forum]. I have not considered a HD camera as I am 75 and the clips from both of my Sony camcorders looked good to me and my family has not complained about the quality of the videos. The new camera [sony DCR-SX 45]uses a card [similar to my Nikon D 60 still camera] and when placed into the same card reader it prompts me to select a method of import and - so far - I have used the Roxio import. It has worked fine and the clips are put onto my hard drive in that manner. I like the card system as pretty easy to import. I know I had this same color panel problem a few years ago and I do not remember how it was resolved. I do remember that I once had a Sony camcorder that recorded directly onto a mini disc and that caused some kind of problem with my then Roxio program and was the reason I bought the Sony HC 62 which worked great. However, I am not sure if the problem then was the color panels or something else. Also, I believe I also updated my Roxio program at the time. Jim - I did try the "export as" solution [following your directions to the letter] using video clips from the project that first exposed the problem, however, the resulting discs had the same problem [i used both a Sony disc and a Verbatim disc]. So, while I am not losing interest in this matter I am running out of discs. I think I have made at least 10 test movies [using Creator 2010, 2012, clips from old camera, clips from new camera, photos and color panels and combinations of all. At this point I am more confused than satisfied. I should have kept better records of how the tests were made and their results. I do know that some of the tests were successful - I just wish I knew why. When the problem first appeared I started updating drivers and doing other maintenance on my computer including buying and installing Creator 2012 some of which may have been of benefit. The bottom line is - for now - I do not have to use color panels at all - I can put the text into photos or video clips and advance my story in that manner [while I do occasionally narrate I do so very sparingly]. All of the tests have been consistent in that there is no problem, regardless of the camera used, unless I use color panels. So, when I start a new project using my new camera I will try some color panels but will resort to the other method if they continue to cause a problem. I want to thank you for trying to help me and while I am not sure if the problem has been solved the whole thing has been a positive experience in that I have: 1) Upgraded to Creator 2012 [beerman helped me in that regard]. 2) Updated my drivers with a program called "Driver Detective". 3) Learned what a Screen Cap was and how to make and post one. 4) Learned how to create a "video file". 5) Learned what a "linefeed" was [i think]. 6) Learned how to enlarge my timeline in Videowave which could be useful in a number of ways. So, thanks again. Frank Hoss
  7. Thanks Jim Here is a better picture, I hope: I am glad to hear that the camera is not the problem - did not really see how it could be. Not clear as to your comment about putting music on internal track of panel. The music generally spans the panels [although sometimes I may change the music at a panel - but it would still go past the panel. Also not clear as to what you mean by "I usually leave my panel/text transitions quite".
  8. I tried what you suggested and the break up continued both using Sony and Verbatim discs. The movie that started the problem was a series of video clips with no photos - just video clips, color panels and music added. As I mentioned earlier recent tests made with new video and photo material seems to work OK. [this includes video with new camera - see below]. Before the "problem movie" that started it all everything was working fine. I have not mentioned that the "problem movie" was made with a new camera. [sony DCR-SX45] My previous movies were made using a Sony HC 62. The new camera uses a card and imports thru a card reader. Could that have anything to do with the situation? Seems unlikely to me as the video clips play fine and text put into the clips have no effect on the music. The breakup was only in the color panels.
  9. Apparently I still have much to learn about inserting Screen Caps. I tried to put both into the same reply but had problems. Anyway, here is another Screen Cap [timeline view] of the same test film:
  10. First - thank you for challenging me to learn how to actually make a screen cap. Here is a Screen Cap of a test film I made. The test is a combo of video clips, photos and color panels all with text in them. This test film was created in videowave, sent to MyDVD, burned as .iso file and then two discs were burned. One using a Sony disc and the other a Verbatim disc. They all previewed perfectly at each stage. AND, in fact, both played perfectly on my DVD player. So, I am at a loss as the problem seems intermittent. Perhaps my updating drivers and installing Cretor 2012 resolved the problem.
  11. Thanks for your response Jim. I burned several test discs to try in another DVD player. The results were inconclusive. One played properly and two had the same music breakup when it passed over a color panel that I had experienced when played on my DVD player. I then realized I had used only Sony discs for the tests and tried another test using a Verbatim disc. This played properly in both my DVD player and the other one I was trying. So, I am thinking it was a disc problem. I am surprised, however, because I know I had used these Sony discs [from the same pack] before without incident. I usually use Verbatim discs for my finished movies and will use them exclusively from now on. Thanks for your help. Frank Hoss
  12. I have a problem with music breaking up when it crosses a color panel with or without text in the panel. I have both Creator 2010 and 2012 and have run tests in both with the same result. [note - text in a photo or a video clip plays fine]. I create the movie in videowave, send to MyDVD, burn as .iso file then burn to disc. At every stage the project plays perfectly without any breakup. The disc itself plays perfectly on my computer. However, when I play it on my DVD player with the TV the music breaks up [only at the color panels]. This is the same DVD player and TV I have used to make many movies with Creator 2010 and previous versions of the Roxio product. Any suggestions? [obviously, I can work around the problem by putting text in photos or videos but would like to use color panels].
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    Hello Paul - yes I am Mike's father. I received notification that you had accepted me as a friend but I have tried everything to send a message but I can't get it to go through - keeps telling me words to the effect - not accepting message or cannot accept message or the like.
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    Beerman - I have tried to send you a private message but can't get through. Frank Hoss
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    Thank you gentlemen - I will follow your instructions.