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    Converting Video_TS folders/VOB files

    tsantee, you are...the guru. For those of you who want the answer to VOB conversion FOR EDITING PURPOSES, here it is: 1--Using MPEG Streamclip (free from Apple) in conjunction with the MPEG2 Quicktime plugin ($20 from Apple), open -- all at once -- all workable VOB files from the Video_TS folder. Then "Fix" the time code breaks when prompted. Then "export to DV". Note: The program creates a monstrous .DV file that's about twice the size of the original .VOB files. 2--Using Final Cut Pro, import the .DV file into a project. Now you can edit it and spit it back out as a Quicktime movie ready for your website, etc. My goal was to extract video footage from a DVD, edit it, and put it on my website. This worked perfectly and with very little cost. Note: This is time consuming -- a real process -- but image quality and fluidity of movement in the final Quicktime movie are pretty sweet (and since i no longer have the original DV tapes of the footage i shot, this seems to be my only option). Thanks again tsantee. DRS REPLYING TO: Your best bet is to export to DV video for import the Final Cut. Neither Crunch nor Popcorn have this option. If you are only getting a few seconds of video from an MPEG Streamclip export then you need to Fix Timecode Breaks (Streamclip Edit menu). To use Toast for the conversion from VIDEO_TS to DV you need to first use the Toast Media Browser to extract the MPEG video from the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder. Place the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop and choose DVD with the Media Browser's top button to access the contents in the browser window. After Toast writes the MPEG file when dragged from the browser, you can select it and choose the DV setting in the Export window.
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    Converting Video_TS folders/VOB files

    Thanks man. Unfortunately I've already gone a few rounds with Toast and with MPEG Streamclip. Each of these programs successfully converted a few seconds of a 30-minute Video_TS folder (part of one VOB file). Multiple attempts did not help. Cinematize certainly looks like the right tool. In your opinion, are Crunch and Popcorn NOT my answer? Thanks again, DRS REPLYING TO: The best application I've found for this is Cinematize by Miraizon. If you don't want to spend that much then you can do it with the freeware application MPEG Streamclip along with Apple's $20 Quicktime MPEG2 Playback Component. You can use either app to export the the title sets from the VIDEO_TS folder to DV for use in Final Cut. Toast can do this as well but it takes more steps.
  3. I need to convert Video_TS folder files (VOB files) to a file format compatible with Final Cut Pro and Quicktime. There's so much misinformation on the web re: this topic. For those truly in the know, what's the best, most reliable software for accomplishing this simple yet seemingly elusive conversion? If it's not Crunch, what is it? My ultimate goal is to edit the converted files (in Final Cut or even Quicktime) and put them on my website. Many thanks, drsmith