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  1. Cannot REINSTALL Creator NXT Pro 4 "with" MyDVD added (Running Windows 10 Anniversary)... Everything "appears" to have installed successfully after each Re-Install, except MyDVD, which is nowhere to be found (Yes, I checked it in the Custom Install) Tried the Revo Uninstaller, still no luck (all anti-virus program(s) turned off). Any suggestions on how to perform a "Very" CLEAN RE-INSTALL?
  2. Upon performing "several" clean installs of RC 2010 Pro on my 2 different Vista 32 computers (all with Clean Vista 32 w/SP1 & SP2), I get the same exact error only after a Reboot of each of the computers: File: \Windows\System32\Drivers\PxHelp20.sys Status: 0xc0000098 Info: Windows failed to load because a critical system drivers is missing, or corrupt. I am using an actual purchased physical DVD. The file is there, File Version 44.1KB only after the RC 2010 Pro install. Is it possible that I have a DVD with a corrupted file on it, or are others having the same problem as I? I've tried to "repair" the computer using Vista and Norton System Works Recovery Discs to no avail - Message reads that it cannot recover from this error. I've even completed the entire process from fresh HD Reformat to the RC 2010 Pro install (many hours), and regardless if I run the Norton System Works "Find & Fix Errors" or not, once I reboot, each of the computers are hosed and no longer reboot, giving the same error message above. Help!