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  1. Thank you. I looked at those converters. I also discovered that Roxio considered this file"corrupted". I did some additional test shooting and some of them Roxio could read completely (audio and video). I don't understand the reason, but Roxio in a "good mood" does edit .mts files.
  2. I have a similar problem with high definition .mts file from Sony camcorder. I see a good video on a story line, but no sound at all: "native" sound track is empty. However, all other possible programs play this clip with sound: Media Player Classic, Power Director, Sony Vegas - just to name a few. Only Roxio does not produce sound and does not even detect sound. Any suggestions? I have Windows 7. Thank you
  3. FSP

    Video Editing

    You can do it on photos or on non-moving people on video. Just to attract attention to one person in the group. I put letter "O" and change text size.
  4. To Sknis: I download movie from mini DV Sony camcorder that records on mini DV tapes. I use Windows Movie Maker that gives me an option to choose DV-AVI format, as you can see on the attached file. The connection with computer is Sony Fire Wire cable. I used this type of download for years and it has never been a source of a problem. In fact I never had any problem and did not understand how other people could have them when Roxio worked so well! Now it is my turn to experience them. To Jim: I don't see WHEN I did not follow your recommendations. I did divide 45 minutes production into three smaller parts. I saw some improvements, but not a resolution of my problem. I kept experimenting with these productions. Today Roxio changed its mood and ALLOWED me to output each of the three as AVI and MPEG files. But this is not a sure thing for tomorrow. Yesterday I tried to output the same productions and received usual errors, like "cannot create randor object" and "unspecified error" . After Roxio has been so kind to me today, I decided to burn a disk from the combined thee productions. It worked! For the 1st time since two months ago. However, MY DVD skipped photos and this is how my problem began 2 months ago and this is why I came to this forum for help. The missed photos reside mostly on overlay, but some reside on major video track. What else can I do?
  5. I never open Video Wave and MY DVD at the same time. I burn DVD from production when Video Wave is closed. Production can be burned on DVD disk with box “progressive” checked. (I have new type TV). MPEG and DV-AVI are interlace, as Roxio indicates, so if I burn DVD from MPEG my source is already interlace and checking box “progressive” does not change anything. I see on big progressive TV screen how quality suffers, if I use interlacive disk. The problem this time was that Roxio did not want to burn production. To troubleshoot and to exclude a possible problem with my DVD disk drive, I decided to output production first. At that point I discovered that Video Wave does not want to output production in any form. I checked all my video and photo files. Most of my videos came from the same source - my mini DV camera. Short clips that did not come from my camera, I imported into Video Wave and was able output them as DV-AVI files, which I used later in the long production. All photos have Jpg extension and nothing suspicious in their attributes. I have updated drivers, I have DirectX9. I uninstalled correctly and reinstalled Roxio from web site, I did almost everything that you, GURUs suggested, including dividing long production into three short. Video Wave still did not want to output any of the three new productions, but I noticed some improvements in its behavior and patiently tried again and again until miracles happened. I got three DV-AVI files and burned them on disk using another, older computer with Creator 2009, MY DVD. Creator 2009 does not work on my new computer, therefore I bought Creator 2012. Today, just for curiosity, I tried to output the same three 15 minutes long productions. I received the following error messages: for part 1 - "could not create randor object", but mpeg file WAS created. For part 2 I received "unspecified error" and mpeg was NOT created. For part 3 - no errors and mpeg WAS created. My computer system is presented in posting #13. If anything else is needed, please tell me where and how to get it from my computer. Thank you
  6. To answer your question - my mini DV camera can download video in DV-AVI format, which I use in production. There is no consistency in Roxio 2012 behavior. It performs differently every time I do the same things and I cannot find or understand the reason. I did almost everything you, GURUs, sugested, but... I divided production into three parts, 15 minutes each. After many failed attempts to create output, I finally made three DV-AVI output files. Somehow Roxio was in a good mood and agreed to do it 3 times (not any more). Then I struggled to burn DVD. Creator 12 did not want to burn these three files on disk. MY DVD kept giving me error messages or simply closed. Then I opened Creator 2009 in my old computer and used MY DVD there to burn a disk from 3 .AVI files. It worked and I made a disk. Now I duplicate this disk. It is not a solution, but I got my 45 minutes movie on a disk and can watch it on TV. Big hanks all of you for help. You directed me and gave me more help than Roxio (now Corel) technical support
  7. I also made another experiment. I installed Creator 2009 on the same computer, but in different directory and opened my production made in Creator 2012. Version 2009 opened it ! I see missed text everywhere and everything that resides on internal tracks is also missed, but it plays my production. However, when I tried to output it, Mpeg file did not even start, AVI file stopped on the 17th minute - this is a repetition of the same problem. This 2009 version works on my old computer, so I concluded that the problem is not with Roxio. There is something with my new computer. Looks like drivers that Sknis is talking about might help.
  8. Dear Myguggi: I did today what you suggested long ago. I still don't understand how it can help to solve the problem, but here is the results. I could output 3 minutes long production in both .AVI and Mpeg. 9 minutes long production allowed me to output it only as Mpeg, but I saw on preview that it skipped some photos (not all). 9 minutes AVI output freeze on the first frame. 17 minutes long production did not miss any files in Mpeg output until the 10th minute, when it stopped. No error messages, just stopped. Now listen to this: yesterday I was able to create the very same 17 minutes production output as Mpeg! But not today. No consistancy. I noticed that in all cases Roxio process video much faster than photos - very strange considering huge number of Mb in video. I do have DirectX9. I saw it during download from Roxio web site. Dear Sknis: I updated drivers from AMD site by using autodetect about a months ago. The site that you suggested today has the same 12-8 version, so I have the latest drivers. As to optional downloads, there are two optional packages on the site that you gave me. Do I need both packages or one? And which one? HydraVision package or AMD Video Codec package? I am afraid of making matter even worse, so I need your input.
  9. I worked on my problem for two weeks with Roxio technical support. Their suggestions did not help. I re-downloaded Creator 2012 from their web site - no improvement. The error message that I receive now says "Unable to build the render graph". They say that something is wrong with my computer, because everything works on their system. They don't know what the problem is and offered me to take a refund. . It means that I will not be able to use Roxio any more. Not on this computer, which I bought 6 months ago. So sad to forget 6 years of experience and switch to another program that I need to learn from the very beginning. I am so reluctant to do it
  10. FSP


    Brendon, I just noticed that you are from N.Z. New Zeland?? Do you use Roxio there?
  11. FSP


    I kept a few years ago two consecutive versions of Roxio (don't remember release numbers). One version worked from desktop icon, the other worked from Start-Program- and so on. Don't know how two releases will behave now.
  12. Thank you, Sknis, but ithe instructions have been written for Creator 2011. If Roxio changed a tiny bit in Creator 2012, I will make my problem even worse. I see, for example different directory path in my Roxio. This is just on the surface. Who knows what else to expect from instructions and files written for the previous version. Is there instructions written for Creator 2012?
  13. FSP

    Suggestions On Getting Roxio To Support Their Products

    I don't have an answer to your specific question. I can share with you my terrible experience. The support from Roxio (Corel), to say gently, is not adequate. It does not matter what problem you have, their answers and suggestions are laughable and it takes so much time to write back and force needless e-mails, update tickets, which they like to close, and so on. They can resolve very simple questions or give an answer that a program can not do it. But to resolve even these simple cases takes about 2 weeks. I could not log in into technical support web site, which stopped recognizing me. For a few days I received a message that Corel web site had a problem and they were working on the solution. Then the message stopped appearing, but I still could not log in. Somehow I managed to get on the phone with a real person. First he Ping-Pong me from web page to web page, none of which worked. And this is just for log in. He promised to send me a detailed log in instruction. What do you think I received? It was information on my order of Roxio disc 5 months ago. About two weeks for resolving a simple log in problem. If you are unlucky enough and have a more serious problem, like me now, they have no idea how to resolve it. I received more help from Roxio community Gurus than from so called specialists from Roxio technical support. I see the only way to minimize a problem in the future - NOT to upgrade to the next version as long as you can. If you get somehow your current version working, do not be tempted by promise of new features, improvements, fixes and other advertisement tricks.
  14. I registered on Roxio web site a few months ago. Now, if I want to ask a question, Roxio redirects me to Corel. The site did not look like the one shown above in posting #5, but it was from Corel and said something like "Welcome Roxio Customers". The phone I managed to get with a lot of difficulties was the same as shown in posting #5. In the end this phone did not help me. Does anybody knows how to contact somebody from high management in Roxio/Corel company? They show photos of their chiefs, but no e-mails or phones.
  15. I am going to try, but would it be easier to uninstall-reinstall Roxio? Or there is a potential problem with it?