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  1. I am using Vista business 64 bit, a i7 940 processor, and a Canon AVCHD camera. Will Creator 2009 recognize all my hardware and make the best use of it? Does Creator 2009 use the full capacity of vista 64 bit including my 6 gig of ram?
  2. Eliyahu

    no audio

    I have the newest drivers but it still does not work. Is this because I am using the free version? What should I do?
  3. Eliyahu

    Free Trial 8

    Is there anyway to get a free 30 day trial for VideoWave Movie Creator 8?
  4. Eliyahu

    no audio

  5. Eliyahu

    Quality Recording

    1. It appears that the video I record using my web cam is much clearer when recorded from windows movie maker than from buzz. Is there a way to improve the recording quality? 2. Is the recording quality of the free version less that the $20 version?
  6. Eliyahu

    no audio

    1. How do I make sure I have the latest drivers? I have windows updates already on. 2. The file plays in media player without sound
  7. Eliyahu

    no audio

    I downloaded the free buzz to two computers and the audio does not work on either of them. Any advice?