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    Disabling Copy Protection

    It looks like it's not so erroneous after all. The DVD is encoded with something called Macrovision which scrambles the signal to the VCR, thus creating a "The disc is copy protected" message. If I hadn't already dumped the footage a while back it wouldn't be a problem, so it looks like the only workaround is to try a old DVD and VCR that aren't programmed with a Macrovision signal detector.
  2. Reinpro

    Disabling Copy Protection

    I need to disable the Copyright Protection on Toast 7 Titanium. I do wedding videos for a living, and have someone that wants a copy of their wedding on VHS. I have a VHS/DVD deck that will copy one to the other, but I get a "Copy Protection" when trying to execute this. I didn't even realize that was a feature when burning DVDs in Toast 7. I have looked in all the dropdowns and can't find where it's an option box to check or uncheck. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!